Jim Mergard joing Apple - Goodbye Samsung!

Samsung made headlines recently because they decided to include additional members to its team of chip designers, who are based in Texas. Many of the additional members on the team have vast experience in chips that are meant for server systems. Now, one of those team members has decided to leave Samsung for greener pastures at Apple.

 Jim Mergard, who has 16 years of experience in Advanced Micro Devices under his belt, was hired recently by gadget maker Apple. The chip designer held the position of chief engineer and vice president at Samsung before he decided to leave. One of his greatest achievements at his former company is spear-heading the creation of a sophisticated AMD chip. This AMD chip, which was code-named Brazos, was specifically designed for affordable portable computers.
 Currently, there are numerous opportunities available for experienced engineers since their technical talent is in very high demand allowing for movement from one company to another. Moreover, movement of resources between Apple and Samsung could not have come at a more interesting time.
 It is common knowledge that Samsung and Apple are rivals when it comes to smartphones. In addition, the two companies are battling each other in court for one reason or another. Apple has accused the South Korean giant of patent infringement and has thus taken them to court. As is to be expected, Samsung shot back with accusations of its own. Ironically, the two are also partners as Apple relies on Samsung to make their chips for their devices.
 For both Samsung and Apple, chip design is becoming a very important factor. Samsung has claimed that they will up their game with regard to the development of microprocessors as well as other related items. Apple has also been positioning itself in the chip design field by increasing their chip designers over numerous years. As it were, both companies use ARM Holdings technology to develop their processors.
 Patrick Moorhead, of Moor Insights & Strategy, was quoted saying that the latest addition to Apple’s chip design team, Jim Mergard, was a good choice because he brings vast knowledge in PC technology and SoCs. He goes on to say that Mergard’s talents might propel Apple’s Mac PC efforts to change the Intel chips on the Macs to SoCs.
 It is still yet to be determined whether Mr. Mergard will be placed at Apple’s headquarters in California or he will stay in Austin, Texas. Since Apple purchased the start-up company Intrinsity in 2010, its presence in chip design has been felt along with the existence of a customer care center that has been in Austin for a while so the new addition to the team should feel right at home.

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