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As the name suggests this app is designed to download YouTube videos and it nails it.However,WP 7's multitasking as we all know is not that great and so there may be a few problems.

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Tube Download allows you to pull down YouTube videos to watch offline on your Windows Phone handset. Now there's no need to wait for your download speed to catch up while the cache is empty, and you can happily watch the latest videos even when you are out of coverage.

The process is a pretty simple one. You search and find your video, you press the download button, choose the quality of the video you are going to download, and Tube Download will do the rest of the work for you.

Once the videos are downloaded, you can build up playlists of the downloaded videos inside the application, or watch single videos on their own. Launch any video and you will be greeted with the built in video player controls familiar to Windows Phone users.

Tube Download

Tube Download

It's important to note that because of the silo'ed nature of Windows Phone applications, these videos are not directly available in the Videos section of the Media Player - they will only be available through the Tube Download application.

This isn't as painful as it might sound, because media applications are well integrated across Windows Phone. Tube Download appears as a media application in the Music+Video hub, and any videos or playlists that you have watched with Tube Download will show up in the 'new' and 'history' lists

Because of the silo, Tube Download needs to be opened to hand over the video to the built in media player. This means you'll catch sight of a splash screen before the video starts to play, which isn't perfect, but its not much of a problem

Tube Download

With the native code access that Windows Phone 8 offers, I suspect Tube Download could integrated completely with the music+video hub. Until then, it does the very best I think you could do with Windows Phone 7. If you grab a lot of video then you are going to use up a fair bit of storage, but this is a useful application that is constantly maintained by the author.

Overall,I would say that this is quite an useful app for those WP users that watch a lot of videos online

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  2. TubeDownload is new for every one for watch videos on your phone, and great app for use . i think this is very easier to download any videos from your mobile phone