Google Play reaches 25 billion app downloads

Yes!25 billion app downloads!Quite a huge number,isn't it?Google has  announced that the Google Play store,Android'd App Market has served a total of 25,000,000,000 (that's 25 billion!) app downloads to date! What's best for consumers is that in order to celebrate the occasion, Google will be offering select titles at a special price of only $0.25 during the following 5 days.
Google Play reaches 25,000,000,000 app downloads, app discounts inbound
The apps and games in question will be ones of popular dev studios like Electronic Arts, Gameloft, Rovio, Full Fat and others. In addition, there will be special bundles for sale at discounted prices as well, including "25 movies you must own", "25 banned books", "25 albums that changed the world" and "25 top selling magazines" (i.e top selling on the Play Store).

Google Play reaches 25,000,000,000 app downloads, app discounts inbound
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iPhone 5 – Everything you wanted to know in one place

 iPhone 5, which was released on September 12, is Apple’s latest iPhone. Many people say that it is one of the best smartphones in the world. Check the specifications and features and judge that on your own.

 First, a few words about design. iPhone 5 reminds a lot of iPhone 4S, but still it is much different. It is a bit taller (its dimensions are 124 X 59 X 7.6mm) and 20% lighter (it weighs 112 grams) than its predecessor. Being just 7.6 mm thin, it is one of the thinnest smartphones out there. It has a 4-inch Retina display with 1,136 x 640 resolution. The old Dock connector has been replaced with a new Lighting connector.

 As for the camera, iPhone 5 comes with 8-MP camera. But, it comes with something new – Panorama. It lets you shoot up to 240 degress with one smooth motion, creating a high-resolution panorama up to 28 MP. You can record 1080p HD videos with the iSight camera, it supports face detection for up to 10 faces and it has a 1.2-MP FaceTime HD unit, which can capture 720p videos.

 As for hardware, iPhone 5 comes with A6 CPU, which makes it twice faster than its predecessor. It has 1 GB of RAM and a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The battery provides 8 hours of talking and internet use, 10 hours of video playback and 40 hours of audio playback. 

 As for software, it comes with iOS6, with updated Siri, Passbook and new Maps. Siri understands more questions and knows more answers. As for other features, it features Wi-Fi 802.11n, 4G LTE, HSPA+, GSM/EDGE and Bluetooth 4.0.

 iPhone 5 comes in two colors – black & slate and white & silver. 16 GB version costs $199, 32GB version $299 and 64GB version $399.
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iPod Touch 3rd Generation

Apple iPod touch (3rd generation)

Actually following the iPod touch's second birthday, Fruit has reported a upgrade to the item line that is a touch confounding. From the outside, the aforementioned revamped iPod touch models are indistinguishable to the second-cycle models from 2008. Notwithstanding various rumours (and some supporting photographic confirmation) to propose that the iPod touch could be getting a rendition of the iPhone's onboard-zoom lens fittings, the aforementioned late iPod touch models still absence a camera. (Sorry, Scouts, there's moreover no compass or GPS.) 

Now, its not reasonable to ding Fruit for foundering to satisfy rumours, but we do think its reasonable to propose that its heightened time that the iPod touch incorporate a picture clicker, given the powerful zoom lens back within the Fruit iPhone OS, and given that there's now a film camera on the most recent iPod nanos. It's too regretful that these unique models cannot catch a speedy preview and exploit each one of the aforementioned terrific applications that underpin the iPhone's raised-in picture clicker. 

We're a small less vexed by the absence of an assembled-in amplifier, seeing that you are able to get one on a set of headphones, or a GPS recipient, subsequent to the iPhone 3G and 3GS exploit the position of nearby versatile towers to briskly secure a GPS area-and entering portable towers is undoubtedly not part of the iPod touch's purview. Still, as the iPod touch advances, it could be excellent to see it progress a greater amount of the iPhone's fittings emphasizes, following a large number of applications are composed with particular underpin for these offers. 

On the within, the several top-of-the-line models (a £229 model offering 32GB of space and a £299 model with 64GB of space) are truly distinctive from their ancestors. With brand new, quicker processors and representation chips, the late-2009-vintage iPod touches have added on the same speed support that the iPhone did when it leaped from 3G to 3GS. 

Love the 3GS, the newfangled heightened-close iPod touch models give back for Voice Control, a headliner that spared you the time to keep down the catch on your headphones and order your iPod to play tunes from a specific creator, playlist, or collection. They likewise uphold equipment encryption, not joking about this much speedier to eradicate your iPod and make its substance unrecoverable, since every last trace of the unit needs to do is eradicate its decryption key, as opposed to every last byte in its space. 

(The £149 8GB iPod touch model, further, is simply what might be called the iPhone 3G-an accumulation of year-old innovation that is been kept around to be sold at a deal cost.) 

In essentially each one of our tests, the speedier iPod touch was within a few rate purposes of the iPhone 3GS, and evidently quicker than any past iPhone OS model. The iPod touch began up in an iPhone OS-record 16.3 seconds, a test iPod touches have invariably outperformed at subsequent to they don't ought to available themselves to interface to a cell grid. 
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2end Generation Apple iPod touch

In the event that the second-cycle iPod touch acts for the fate bearing of much of the iPod line, iPod sweethearts are in for an exceptionally satisfying destiny.  The iPod touch joins together the most fit emphasizes of the iPod with some of the strongest angles of the iPhone into an ace versatile media and event mechanism that would be impeccable for any individual searching for propelled emphasizes, but who doesn’t prefer to undertake the telephone contract connected with the iPhone. 

An iPhone without the Telephone 

The iPod touch has been depicted as the iPhone without the telephone, which is about correct. The iPod touch doesn’t have the telephone and unit Web access emphasizes or a picture clicker, but in most exceptionally different ways the a few mechanisms are particularly comparative. As a matter of fact, the iPod touch stacks up in opposition to the iPhone quite well on size: its lighter (at 4.05 ounces) and thinner than the iPhone. 

In most drastically different methods, the second-cycle iPod touch is virtually indistinguishable to the iPhone 3G (the iPhone 3GS includes some emphasizes and equipment the second-crop touch doesn’t accord): the touchscreen, fittings, systems, and for the most part encounter of utilizing it are quite comparative. 

But also, such as the iPhone, the iPod touch packs a ton of usefulness into a humble apparatus: its an iPod, movie player, Online world mechanism that sends message and skims the network, a contact director, and, as a result of the Application Store, a portable film-event prodigy. 

Ace Exhibition 

So as to uphold all the aforementioned emphasizes, the iPod touch offers hearty fittings. Opening and utilizing provisions is smart and uncommon is the instant when you feel like something is occurrence too inefficiently. In keeping with this punchy appearance, setting up the iPod touch is brisk. A few short strides in iTunes and you’re matching up substance. I matched up 600 tunes – about 2.3 GB – in a blazingly quick 6 moments. 

One place that the iPod touch eclipses the iPhone is electric cell existence. While the iPhone electric cell will almost always final a day or a few in ordinary utilize, I was fit to press 32 continuous hours of music playback out of the touch's electric cell. Obviously utilizing the gadget for additional undertakings will empty the electric cell better, but electric storage device existence in that neighborhood to any detectable degree is awe inspiring. 

A Versatile Amusement Focus 

The iPod is considered, above and beyond whatever else might be available, as a MP3 player and the player in the iPod touch doesn’t frustrate. It offers the now-conventional emphasizes: music, podcast, audiobook playback, CoverFlow or standard searching, and so on. What makes this iPod not the same as others, and substantially more pleasure when scanning great accumulations or the visualization-serious CoverFlow, is its touchscreen. While the Clickwheel was a stupendous innovation for the time is now, having the ability to control the iPod touch basically by touching its screen is propelling. 

On top of the iPod, the touch plays movie included by the user or acquired or leased from the iTunes Store with great lucidity and value. When joined together with the apparatus' different offers (more on these in a moment), there's just a minor risk that an iPod touch holder can ever be dragged when out on the town with their unit. 

Portable Web 

The iPod touch is equipped to search the net with the same straightforwardness and offers as the iPhone. Unlike the iPhone, however, the iPod touch can just join to the network by means of WiFi, so its not invariably on the net. Still, the WiFi association is bounty snappy for most requires. The apparatus moreover underpins message. 

The iPhone's constantly-on Virtual world association is convenient, but it empties electric storage device and summons a somewhat penny on user's monthly bills, so for users who won’t consistently should be on the net (or who presently have telephones; teenagers conceivably) the iPod touch's Online world offers are robust. 

Application Store Development 

However the iPod touch and iPhone impart the same shape and emphasizes, what makes the touch the embodiment of a tragic update from prior iPods is that it runs the iPhone working framework. This implies that it upholds the several many provisions ready through Fruit's Application Store. 

This expansion makes the as of now-exceptional mechanism a winner. With the vast assortment of applications ready, the development chances for the touch are basically unlimited (and effortless. Applications might be downloaded by means of WiFi, introduced on the unit, and played in simply a few seconds). From expanding its profit applications to gaming, the Application Store includes significant profits. 

Portable gaming is conceivably the spot that the iPod touch gleams most. Consolidating the touchscreen, WiFi association, and different sensors, recreations can accord different varieties of imaginative interfaces, from regulating driving amusements by tilting the iPod touch similar to a guiding wheel to tapping the screen to shoot or toss parts. 

The portable gaming emphasizes are so robust, actually, that advancing versatile videogame groups like Nintendo are beginning to fear that the touch will cut into their business sectors. 

The Few Detriments of the iPod touch 

  • While there are a significant number of worthy offers of the iPod touch, it is not an ideal gadget for every thinking individual. 
  • Case in point: 
  • Unlike the iPhone, the iPod touch doesn’t have a raised-in advanced camera, so no depictions transferred to Flickr while moving or motion pictures made for YouTube at the sunny shore. 
  • Overhauls to the iPod touch's working framework cost cash, frequently US$10-$15. 
  • Forasmuch as it doesn’t have a telephone inside, it doesn’t have a constantly-on network association. 
  • The most towering limit iPod touch is 32GB, which could be excessively humble for countless libraries. 

In spite of the aforementioned burdens, the iPod touch is decidedly a skilled multipurpose media and Virtual world unit. It likewise gives off an impression of being the course iPods are heading. It's Fruit's most buzz-laden iPod in present times and the one exclusive (thus far, at minimum) that can unfold its practicality through the Application Store. I suspect we’re determined to see different iPod models expanding offers from the second-crop iPod touch in the destiny. 

Then again every last trace of the preferred: this is a breathtaking gadget for generally any user, and particularly for these who need the ideal of the iPhone without the a few-year telephone contract. 
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IPod Touch

Touchscreen innovation has ended up being a staple of the most up to date conveyable apparatuses, with countless convenient media players and laptops starting to furnish underpin for this. The iPad is the best equipped illustration of the this, but the Touch is not so effortlessly beaten. It furnishes a repairman called the Front Course, which permits your music to float by the screen as you parchment plus your finger, then you are able to tap on a collection blanket. This presentations the tracklist, a further tap starts playing the collection. 

The iPod Touch 

Touchscreen engineering has come to be a staple of the most up to date convenient gadgets, with countless movable media players and laptops starting to furnish uphold for this. The iPad is the best equipped case of the this, but the Touch is not so effectively beaten. It gives a workman called the Front Stream, which permits your music to coast by the screen as you parchment in addition to your finger, then you could probably tap on a collection blanket. This presentations the tracklist, a further tap starts playing the collection. 

For the aforementioned who have felt that one melody may sound excellent in the event that it were intermingled with an additional, then your considerations have been put into activity with the Master Intermingles. The Touch examines the present melody and searches for different melodies that sound stupendous with it, then intermingles them for your listening delight. You would be able to even promote this by picking a tune to make a Prodigy Playlist around, which then picks every last trace of the tunes that blend fantastic with the playlist center. This might be safeguarded for destiny utilize. 

By physically shaking the Touch, you would be able to rearrange to an additional tune, which recoveries you the impediment of needing to click through some menus. 

iTunes has developed the music industry by furnishing thousands and many tunes and collections through one interface and this might be effectively entered through either your PC, Mac or iPod. You would be able to purchase or download revamped music and films and later, synchronize it with the different unit. 

Beyond any doubt, the more current Touch players take into consideration Bluetooth associations, which permit you to transfer music here and there and then here again or play the music from your PC straight to your iPod without any links or wires to meddle. It just needs a Bluetooth association for your PC. 

Whatever your necessities, there could be a sort of iPod for you, if its straightforward music playing on the head over or the fitness to play movies and peruse through iTunes for late media to get a charge out of. They are amazing bits of mechanics that will just develop preferred as time goes by and most likely they should be broadened and propelled to suit newfangled necessities in publicly accepted norms. 
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iPod Touch Apps

After the discharge of the iPod touch, numerous folks have been out to get this apparatus resulting from the fact that it is absolutely favorable and at the same time a ton of amusement. Practically the same as its sister, the iPhone, it is skilled for the purpose of playing music, diversions, movies, and even can interface to the Internet. Fruit furnishes over 200,000 provisions that might be downloaded to the proposed brilliant handhelds. Plainly, even with a 64 GB machine, you lack the capacity to potentially have all the aforementioned applications at one time. So here is a record of applications you might prefer to download. 

The most well known locale in the Internet today is Facebook. Folks could not venture to go ahead a day without logging here to ejournal about how well their day went. Being an advanced individual, you most likely need to have this application. The twittelator Professional is the adversary of Facebook. Much the same as Facebook, it permits its clients to register out different folks their arrangements. Assuming that you have news to tell then this is the spot for you. This application is phenomenal. 

Have you ever preferred to see your house over the Virtual world? Then Google Earth is the application for you. It permits the user to see legitimate exist satellite visualizations of whatever this globe. 

The iPocketBible is for each one of the aforementioned religious individuals over there who are unfailingly on the go. Having situations conveying a gigantic book with every one of you the time? Not a situation, unequivocally download this application and you are carrying with you 20 accommodations of the biblical canon securely instated on your contraption. 

Now who doesn't fondness snake? It is the exact first event of the exact first phone! Giving it a more advanced touch, the Snake XT is without a doubt a terrific amusement to play. 

Some may recognize The Electric lamp not diversion but it is most likely of service. By fixing this application it gives your screen the fitness to glimmer a spendid light permitting you to pass through dim rear ways. 

Due to the overpowering number of applications ready, you will have a trouble picking the most exceptionally captivating and handy applications. The applications presented here are unequivocally prescribed so you might look at different applications as they may be the ones you require. 
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Motorola RAZR i Benchmarked

Motorola RAZR i,Motorola's first Intel-powered ,has a 2GHz Intel Atom processor. The clock speed is quite impressive for a mobile phone.But can that compete with the present day quad core processors ?Lets see..........

Though the phone is responsive and not at all laggy,the benchmark results are really not that impressive.

Benchmark Pi

Lower is betterl

  • Motorola DROID RAZR M264
  • Sony Xperia T285
  • Sony Xperia V286
  • Sony Xperia TX289
  • Motorola Atrix HD294
  • HTC One S306
  • HTC One X330
  • Samsung Galaxy S III344
  • Motorola RAZR MAXX402
  • Motorola RAZR i534


Higher is better

  • HTC One S210
  • Motorola DROID RAZR M188.9
  • Motorola Atrix HD186.4
  • Samsung Galaxy S III177.1
  • HTC One X160.9
  • Motorola RAZR i108.5
  • Motorola RAZR MAXX51.2


Higher is better

  • TC One X (Tegra 3)5952
  • Sony Xperia TX5793
  • Samsung Galaxy S III5365
  • Meizu MX 4-core5170
  • Motorola DROID RAZR M5126
  • LG Optimus 4X HD4814
  • Motorola Atrix HD4178
  • Motorola RAZR i4125
The JavaScript performance, however, is Quite superb. It’s just about as fast as we’ve seen a mobile device perform on SunSpider, with only Note II beating it (and that’s in no small part due to its Jelly Bean OS). We suspect the tables will turn when the Motorola RAZR i gets updated to Jelly Bean (the JB browser is quite a bit faster than the ICS one).


Lower is better

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II972
  • Motorola RAZR i1043
  • Samsung Galaxy S III1447
  • HTC One X1468
  • Motorola Atrix HD1647
  • HTC One S1708
  • Motorola DROID RAZR M1861
  • Motorola RAZR MAXX2136


Higher is better

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II185034
  • Samsung Galaxy S III169811
  • HTC One X140270
  • Motorola RAZR i129562
  • Motorola DROID RAZR M113620
  • Motorola Atrix HD107535
  • HTC One S98435
  • Motorola RAZR MAXX92653
The chipset kept the same GPU as well, meaning the Motorola RAZR i has an old PowerVR SGX540 to rely on. It does perform slightly better than the same GPU on the TI OMAP chipset of the RAZR MAXX thanks to the 32nm process, which allows for higher clock speed, but without noticeable gain and can’t come anywhere near the performance of more modern GPUs.

NenaMark 2

Higher is better

  • Motorola DROID RAZR M61.1
  • HTC One S60.5
  • Sony Xperia T60
  • Sony Xperia TX60
  • Samsung Galaxy S III58.8
  • Sony Xperia V58.8
  • Motorola Atrix HD56.7
  • HTC One X56.6
  • Motorola RAZR i38.9
  • Motorola RAZR MAXX36.9

What do you say?Has Intel done enough?Please comment

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