Nexus 7 Tips And Tricks(second Episode)

 Google Wallet On the Nexus 7

The Nexus 7 is one of the few devices at present to have Google Wallet built in.Now sure,a seven inch tablet is not the most convenient device to carry around with you and carry out your transactions.
But surely it is worth a try.
At first open the wallet app and wait for it to sign you in. After the device had been authorized, and you've created a PIN, you are supposed to receive a $10 pre-paid debit card that you can use anyplace there is a MasterCard PayPass kiosk. Although the number of places at present is very limited,still you can at least find a few places around you to try it out.

Use Google Now

After you decide to start using Google Now, you don't need to do anything else. If you like, you can fine-tune some settings, but Google Now doesn't need any elaborate setup. The information you need is always at your fingertips.
To know when to display what information, Google Now uses contextual data from your tablet and from other Google products, plus data from third-party products that you allow Google Now to access.
For example, Google Now uses the time of day, your current location, and your location history to show you what the traffic on your commute is like when you wake up in the morning. It also uses information from Google services such as your Web History for sports or flight updates, or from your synced calendar entries for appointment reminders.
The more you use it the smarter it will get.It will gradually learn about you tastes,your preferences and it will soon start showing the relevant options.Cool!, Isn't it?

When you type something into a Google search and you get that big detailed results box up at the top of the results, that is the Knowledge Graph. That’s the stuff that comes through on Google Now voice search, but it’s crafted for the user interface. It looks really great, and the voice Android uses to speak the result is very human-like.

Get the Best  Apps 

What tablet is worth your time without some killer apps to get you working and browsing more effectively? You get $25 free dollars to spend in Google Play with the Nexus 7, so you might as well spend some of it on these top apps especially for your Nexus 7:

Plume: I use Plume on all my Android devices for Twitter. This app is very well-designed and follows the Holo UI guidelines without being boring. In portrait mode, it shows one column at a time, but in landscape it has three columns for the timeline, mentions, and direct messages. Plume is highly configurable and has an excellent resizable widget. Plume has a free ad-supported version, and it’s $4.99 for no ads. Buy it.

Reddit is Fun Golden Platinum: Even if you don’t have a Reddit account, there is a lot of great time-burning content on Reddit to pass the hours. Reddit is Fun is just the best app to enjoy it on a tablet. This app use a dual-pane UI, which is wonderful in landscape on the Nexus 7. It’s fast and has all the features you’d expect out of a Reddit browser. This app will run you $1.99.

Kindle: The Nexus 7 is a perfect size for reading. If you pick up a trade paperback, you’ll see that it’s about the same size of the Nexus 7. The device is also light enough to hold in one hand, and it won’t even murder you if you drop it on your face while reading in bed. Score! The Kindle app gives you access to millions of books, and the app itself is really snappy. You can change the font size, spacing, margins, color, and more. The app is free; the books not so much.

Netflix: This almost goes without saying; you should get Netflix on any Android device. However, the crazy thing is that the app actually runs well on the Nexus 7. I’ve always hated browsing through the Netflix app on tablets. It was laggy and slow on those devices, but it’s amazing on the Nexus 7. Smooth, responsive, and great playback quality. Free (subscription required).

Solid Explorer Beta: You’re going to need a file explorer at some point, and it should be Solid Explorer. This app offers all the usual file management options like moving, copying, deleting, and so on. If you choose to root your Nexus 7 (more on that shortly) Solid Explorer also supports root access to the file system. This is a perfect file explorer for your tablet because it uses a two-pane UI in landscape mode. In portrait, the two panes are still there, but you swipe between them. Solid Explorer Beta is free.

Evernote: This is by far the best note taking app on Android, and it has a fabulous tablet UI. Your notes are arranged in tiles and scrolling through even large lists is completely smooth. You can quickly and easily make text, picture, and voice notes with GPS locations attached. All those notes will also sync to the cloud. Evernote requires a free account with 60MB of monthly bandwidth. That should be more than enough for most users.

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