Top 10 Gadgets from IFA 2012

First and foremost, I was not very satisfied with the IFA this year. There were a few gadgets that I expected to make on the list and there were quite a few that did not make it and was expecting to make it. Personally, I thought the IFA was kind of weak. These were the top 10 gadgets from IFA, please write a comment if you agree with me and did not feel like some of these gadgets were not deserving. 

Gaming Desktop PC (Asus ROG TYTAN CG8890)
 -Core i7-3960X processor
-Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 690
-Dual 128GB Solid State Drives
-comes with either the 27inch MX279H or 23inch MX239H monitor

Personal Thoughts: I thought this is a very ugly looking desktop and thought there were far better computers that had better specs than this desktop. Gaming computers need to start having a new design format, instead of the “alien” design style. 

LED TV (90-inch Sharp Aquos LED TV) 

It is a very big screen; however, I did expect a LED TV to make it. I feel like this made the top 10 strictly for it’s size. What surprised me more was that it was a LED TV from Sharp. I have never been a big fan or really looked into Sharp for their TV sets. I was expecting more of a TV set from LG, Samsung, or Sony to be in this category instead of Sharp. I don’t think a LED TV should have made it on the list since OLED coming around the corner. The price for the 90-inch is set at $11,000 which will be around the same price range as a OLED TV.

Smartphone (Sony Xperia T) 

 This is Sony’s most recent smartphone.
-4.6-inch (1280X760 pixel) screen
-13MP digital camera
-16GB of internal storage
-1.5GHz dual-core processor

Personal Comment: This is probably one of the weakest gadgets that made it. First off, the design on this phone is absolutely horrendous. The only feature that has other phones beat is the camera quality. Although, MP on a camera is very important, it’s not one of the main features that I think people look for. I personally thought Samsung’s Galaxy SIII would make it.

Hi Vision TV (Panasonic 145-inch 8K)

 -7680X4320 pixels

Personal Comment: I thought this was amazing. 4K TV’s were pretty amazing but 8K is ridiculous. It has 16 times the resolution of a 4K TV. Not only is the resolution very impressive but the size of this beast was very impressive. This was correctly awarded.

 Sony Vaio Tap 20
-20 inch multi-touch display
-Core i5-2217u Processor
-4GB memory
-1TB hard disk

Personal Comment: This is a pretty cool device. It works both as a tablet and as a desktop PC. I thought all the specs for this desktop tablet was pretty good; however, the only thing I wish it had was an i7 processor rather than a i5.

 Smartphone (Samsung Galaxy Note 2)

 Check my previous post about this phone (Galaxy Note II)

Personal Comment: I am not very surprised to see this gadget as the top gadget list. Very excellent phone.

 Windows Phone (Samsung Ativ S)
-4.8 Super AMOLED display
-16/32GB of memory
-1.5GHz dual-core processor
-Windows 8 OS

Personal Comment: Besides the OS, I think this is an excellent phone.  Never been much of a fan of the windows operating system for their phones.

 Touch Screen Laptop (HP Envy x2)
-works like a tablet
-runs on Windows 8
-11.6inch screen

Personal Comment: I didn’t think this deserved to be on the top gadget list. The design looked like a knock off of the Apple’s Macbook Pro series, and also the specs weren’t very impressive.

 Camera (Samsung Galaxy Camera)
-runs on Android OS
-16 million pixel CMOS sensor (front)
-4.1-86.1 mm f/2.8-5.9 lens.
-back is button free
-4.8 inch (1280X720 pixel) touch screen
-includes 3G and Wi,Fi

Personal Comment: I am still debating about this device

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