Apple Wants Another $707 million from Samsung

The jury in the Apple-Samsung patent suit already award Apple a whopping $1.05 billion in damages, but now Apple is looking to have that amount bumped up a bit. In a motion filed Friday, the iPhone maker requested that Judge Lucy Koh make Samsung pay an additional $707 million in damages, which would bring the total amount Samsung has to pay Apple dangerously close to $2 billion. Apple has also requested for a permanent sales ban on 26 Samsung smartphones and tablets.
In reply Samsung has asked for a new trial.

The two are set to go before Judge Koh once again on December 6, and since the jury found that Samsung committed willful infringement, Judge Koh could potentially triple the damages owed to Apple. The $707 million extra Apple is looking for is based on Samsung’s willful infringement of its designs and utility patents, with a portion of that figure requested as supplemental damages. Regardless of whether or not these additional damages are awarded, Samsung will still need to pay out a huge amount of cash 
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