Huawei's First WP8 Smartphone

After Samsung(Ativ),Nokia(Lumia 920& 820) and HTC(8x and 8s) have shown their WP8 smartphones to the world it is now turn for Huawei to showcase their first WP8 smartphone offering.  

If the latest rumours from China are to be believed ,Huawei;s first WP8 smartphone will be called W1..
And since this information comes from Richard Yu(Huawei's Chairman of devices)there is really no reason why we shouldn't believe this.

The smartphone is expected to start shipping in November or December in 3 colour versions - black,pink and white.It should cost around $317(16915 INR)
 The device is rumored to be announced on September 25, but take that with a pinch of salt as Huawei has previously hinted that it will be announcing its WP8 smartphones right before their market release, so it might take another two or three months before the W1 goes official.
There's still no word on the specs of the Huawei W1 though.

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