Passive 3D TV with Titanic is good news for my LG

Ok. I finally bought my LG LW9800. I got it for around $3600 and boy, it was worth every penny. Oh my goodness, this is such a pretty TV. The features are awesome and the colors are crazy ( in a good way). Forget passive vs active debates, this TV is the BEST 3D TV. Now this blog post isn’t about my TV, I just thought I’d mention it before hand.

Now I’m sure everyone here has seen or at least heard about the huge mega-box office hit, The Titanic from the 90s. Well its back with 3D vengeance for 2012. James Cameron, the director of the two most successful movies in history (Avatar and Titanic box office sales top $4 billion combined globally) has begun the process of converting the film for Titanic frame by frame.

This gruel-some process has been a test of the director’s patience to fully manifest 3D into each scene with the correct depth and volume. So far the cost of the project is at a whopping $18 million and the movie isn’t even halfway finished. The release date for Titanic 3D is set for April 6, 2012.

This could be the beginning of a whole new industry. The remaking of old classics into 3D using current technology is just a mind-boggling idea that sends chills down my spine. As James Cameron put it, "Passive glasses are here and the quality is improving all the time. The fact that they are throwaway means this technology could be critical." Seems like passive 3D is the way to go and is here to stay. Glad my LG 3D TV is a passive 3D TV.  
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LG + THX means one thing, Pure Awesomeness

LG has recently released the emperor of 3D LED TVs from prison, the LW9800. This 55 inch Nano Full LED TV is the World’s First 3D TV that is certified by THX (out of ALL 3D TVs including passive/active). This is huge… We’re not talking our ordinary local movie reviewer, THX has reviewed hundreds and thousands of movies on hundreds and thousands of TVs from the top experts in their profession, no explanation needed.

What’s so interesting about this particular TV compared to the previous passive TVs by LG is that this TV is Full array Nano LED which means, the brights will be brighter and the blacks will be blacker.  LG claims this stunning new display holds the record for the highest contrast ratio, set at 10,000,000:1…unbelievable. This TV is also rated at 480hz, which virtually eliminates any type of motion blur. The 3D interface is pretty much the same from previous LW series except with certain new additions such as Amazon Instant Video. Aside from all the jaw-dropping specs, the design is gorgeous.  This ultra slim LED TV has one of the most beautiful designs I have seen yet. The TV actually looks really nice when its turn off as well. A huge step up from the LW6500 thats for sure.  I’m ordering one as soon as I finish writing this.
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Nintendo 3DS expansion

Nintendo 3DS will become a little more robust with the addition of several new buttons to its main device.  Nintendo has confirmed the launch of the expansion which will feature an analog, an L and R button as well.

The revelation came after the pages of Famitsu announce
d Monster Hunter 3G, a classic game from Capcom for Nintendo 3DS. There are no prices or dates set for its release but a few Japanese insiders had figured out how the attachment could be attached to your 3DS. Take a look at the images. The name of the attachment is called “Circle Pad”. 

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Active 3D vs Passive 3D…Final Round

Active and passive 3D duking it out is like the Ali and Frazier series. Just when you thought passive won it, active would come back with ferocity but in the end, passive would come and smash active to pieces, or at least it seems so now.

Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, President of DisplayMate Technology Co. has conducted the most in-depth review of these two technologies that I have seen on the internet. It is evident throughout the review that favoritism is at the absolute minimum and facts and results are what his opinions are based on.

This review covers everything, top to bottom and the only conclusive arguments I can think of are based on personal preference over facts. These are some of the many things covered:

-Left-Right Crosstalk and Ghosting
-Crosstalk and Ghosting with Viewing Angle and Position
-Crosstalk, Ghosting with Head Tilt
-3D imaging, Resolution and Sharpness Viewing Tests
-Recommendations for Viewing 3D TVs

This review seems to deal a heavy blow to active 3D claims over its superior imaging over passive 3D. You should check the article out for yourself. You can find the article here.
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Yaskawa-kun, the icecream-making robot.

Do you remember these types of toys?  They were a part of every girl growing up’s life. The desire to make as well as enjoying the pleasant taste of ice cream, all included in a pretty pink little toy.  Too bad the ice cream made from this was beyond awful. Fortunately in Japan, a person has created a robot that actually makes great-tasting ice cream.

The Yaskawa-kun has a touchscreen that allows the person to choose between flavors and types.  The robot was exhibited at a trade show in Tokyo recently however no release date has been confirmed. You can check the video yourself.

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