Google launches innovative new services

Google announced it will offer new service utilities for its search engine. Services include: search by voice, image search. These services were only available on smartphones to date.

To find an image related to one you have in your PC, simply drag it to the field of research and drop it that the search engine will automatically work for you and present you images related to that one

The voice search is simple, the only thing you have to do is speaking into the mic (the one connected to the PC) what you want to search and that is it. In addition to these services, you can also translate an image (yes!!! an image!!) which contain any texts. Just take a picture of a page; it can be of a book, and ask Google to translate it for you.

The most relevant pages will be shown at the time the search is performed, so when you click on, the site will jump on your screen with no need of waiting.

On mobile devices, Google will add icons to help you find a restaurant near you.   This will be a great addition from a company that dominates the world wide web.

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Glasses-free 3D is near

Auto-stereoscopic 3D TV is becoming a reality. Currently there are a few concept models out right now by Sony and Toshiba but the lately, 3DFusion has been wowing critics at the CES 2011 show.  

This particular model uses a software engine implemented into its panel that softens images based on viewing zones. Sure this may sound too high-tech for some currently but many manufacturers aren’t ignoring this breakthrough in 3D.  

Unfortunately, consumers won’t be seeing these hit the market for at least another 5-6 years.  Meanwhile I’m going to enjoy my LW6500 model.

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Does Your Computer Need a Shot?

We’ve all had the problem before.  One day you use your computer just as any other day but something just doesn’t seem right.  You don’t know what it is…yet.  All you know is that your computer is running like it’s a Windows 95 model using today’s software.  A few years ago, the problem would’ve have been known as a computer virus.  It seems like that term is pretty far-fetched. 

The REAL problem lies in something called Malware and viruses are just a fingernail compared to how far this bad boy can reach.  Malware is designer software.  Perfectly crafted to disrupt and deny operations, corrupt system data, and gather information to exploit the privacy of users in just about every way imaginable based on the laws of computer programming. The creation of these things is considered unlawful however tracing the creator can be nerve-wrecking for even the world’s top security programmers so they opt to just focus on prevention rather than the antidote. 

There is hope however. Just as Malware is constantly mutating into much more discombobulating and complicated nuisances, anti-malware software is catching up pretty fast.  I would recommend users to update their current anti-viral software (AVG, Norton, Webroot, etc.) or purchase a new one to ensure maximum security of your privacy. Choosing to neglect might leave you with a bigger problem than just having to replace your computer.    
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Bookmark light for your night readings

Many people cultivate the excellent habit of reading a book before falling asleep, and many have their Nightstand (I never understood the reason for that name) to store your books and leave a lamp on top of it to help with reading, but what if there is a blackout in the neighborhood?

If you were studying for the test and the lights go out don’t panic and just relax, there

exist a way to solve this problem. The Bookmark light was just made for this

The “bookmark light” comes with a light attached that can be used anywhere and at anytime. Pretty ingenious, huh?!

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Japantastic—They do it again, at last

Seven is the number of years Japan needed to reclaim the title “Worlds Most Powerful Computer”.  Accompolishing this feat was no easy task. This mega database consists of 672 large cabinets, together containing a whopping 68,544 processors. It uses at 9.9 megawatts of power, running up an electricity bill of about $10m (£6.16m) a year — that's enough electricity to power about 10,000 homes a year.

The “K”, deriving from the word “Kei” in Japanese, meaning 10 quadrillion, is capable of 8.16 petaflops (8.16 quadrillion) calculations per second. This supercomputer is faster than the next five supercomputers behind it combined. 

The cost of reaching this magnitude of computing?  $1.39 billion. 

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