R.I.P. Eugene Polley, inventor of the TV remote control

The TV remote truly is one of those rare devices that change the way we watch TV. I'd put it right up there with computers, mobile phones, and rice cookers. Before Polley invented remote, people actually had to get up out of their seats and cross the room to change TV channels. Though it made people lazier and heavier, it was indeed revolutionary. It is one of the biggest contributing factors on how regular TV viewers have evolved into couch potatoes. 

When the TV remote inventor died on Sunday 20th of May at the age of 96, some tributes were interestingly funny.

"Gush all you want about Facebook, Twitter and other recent tech innovations. I'd stack Polley and his TV remote against all of them," wrote David Lazarus at LATimes.com. "After all, which would you be more willing to give up -- Facebook or your remote? ... Thought so."

"Thanks for the belly Eugene," someone wrote on the tech blog Gizmodo's Facebook page. "Just kidding. Great invention."

He died of natural causes Sunday at a suburban Chicago hospital, a spokesman announced on Wednesday.
Zenith’s Flash-Matic Remote Control, Credit: BBC
The former Zenith engineer's green, gun-shaped Flash-Matic remote control was introduced in 1955, five years after the Zenith Radio Corporation unveiled Lazy Bones, a TV remote that was connected to the set with a wire.

By aiming Polley's ray gun-like Flash-Matic very precisely at the receiver, one could pull the red trigger to shoot a beam of light at a photoelectric cell to change the channel and adjust the volume.
A Zenith Space Commander 600 remote control
A much better device was invented just a year later by Robert Adler, a fellow engineer at Zenith, which is now owned by LG Electronics. LG Electronics acquired a controlling share of Zenith in 1995 and eventually the rest in 1999. What a wonderful thought it is that the first modern remote was invented by Zenith on the other hand; the most revolutionary TV remote to date was developed by LG Electronics. Adler's Zenith Space Command used ultrasound instead of light to trigger functions on the TV receiver.

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV 2012 Magic Motion Remote

That remote made a signature "clicking" sound when it struck a bar to emit various frequencies that could be detected by the television set. Polley and Adler were honored in 1997 with an Emmy for their work in pioneering TV remotes.

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LG Optimus LTE2: Simple But Terribly Good

Thank you LG for bringing us a LTE phone with 2GB of RAM and arming it with a 2150mAh battery that is the largest currently available on a LTE smartphone.

2GB of RAM will definitely blow Samsung Galaxy S3 out of the water. As for Apple, we just need to wait what they are working on for the successor of iPhone 4S so we cannot really compare this amazing LG smartphone with the iPhone 4S.

LG is saying that this phone has the largest battery among all the LTE phones out there, however if we compare the battery types of some current notable rival smartphones of LG Optimus LTE2, the difference is not that huge like the Apple iPhone 4S has a standard battery of 1432 mAh but 4S is not the latest phone by Apple and it was released last year. The Motorola RAZR MAXX boasts the long battery life with a standard battery of 3300 mAh but RAZR MAXX is not LTE. Lastly, the overhyped Samsung Galaxy S3  is packed with 2100 mAh so comparing it with Optimus LTE 2, there is so significant difference.

Key Specifications:
  • Chipset: 1.5GHz Dual-Core (Qualcomm MSM8960)
  • Display: 4.7-inch True HD IPS Display (1280 x 720)
  • Memory: 2GB DDR RAM, 16GB
  • Internal Storage, Micro SD support (up to 32GB)
  • Camera: 8MP rear-facing, 1.3MP front-facing
  • OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Battery: 2,150 mAh SiO+, Wireless Charging Support Available
  • Others: WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0 LE, MHL, NFC,
  • USB 2.0 HS, DLNA

My verdict is design-wise, it’s appearance is just saying that it cannot please everybody but under the hood, the simple and conservative look should never be underestimated as no other phone can compete with its multi-tasking speed and capacity due to the fact that it is equipped with 2GB RAM.

This video is showing off the video quality of the brand new LG Optimus LTE2 in the LG booth at the World IT Show in Seoul, South Korea. It was shot in 1080p video quality with all of the setting set to default.
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2012 LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Magic Motion Remote

LG’s 2012 line-up of Cinema 3D Smart TVs are equipped with the new and improved LG Magic Motion Remote Control 2012 model. The Wii-like remote will have the same set of buttons but adding 3 important features like the 2D-3D Conversion button, Scroll wheel that makes your navigation easier, and lastly the voice recognition system that obeys every command that you say. Changing channels and TV settings has never been easier and more convenient. If you’d on the other hand just like to find your recently viewed videos, you’ll be able to use magic motion gestures to get to this by simply making the letter “V.

Plus the new ergonomic design of this remote control perfectly fits your hand

LG has successfully redefined the meaning of the ultimate TV remote commander by integrating various methods of controlling your TV into one magical wand called Magic Motion Remote. Wave, speak, scroll, or tap, name it and the LG Magic Motion remote will surely follow your command.  

There’s only one tiny problem here. This remote is only compatible with 2012 TV models so if you have a 2011 LG TV then you can settle with your current 2011 magic remote or just download the LG TV remote iOS App or Android App which works perfectly with LG TVs. 

To top it all off this remote is definitely revolutionary as it has just been recognized by the Universal Design  for its ease of use and convenience and enhancing the Smart TV user experience.

Check out these helpful videos on how to use the 2012 LG Magic Motion Remote
Magic Wheel


Magic Pattern Gesture

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LG LM9600 is Finally Here!

LG LM9600

The LG LM9600 made headlines in the tech-savvy community with the introduction of its LM9600 series, unveiled at the 2012 CES this past January. The LM9600 boasts the thinnest bezel of any full-array LED to date, measuring a mere 1 mm. Of course, it’s not just the thin frame and trendy chrome design that have gained attention, but also the LM9600’s full range of features such as built-in Wi-Fi support, Smart TV with Voice-Controlled Magic Motion Remote, and improved 2D to 3D conversion. 

Though LG put out several models last year (2011) that incorporated the same basic passive 3D technology, the newly-released models have better picture quality and added menu options, giving the viewer more control over their 3D viewing experience and how much “depth” the picture has. 

Even though the LM9600 did not officially win any awards at the 2012 CES (losing out to the LG 55EM9600 OLED, which snagged “Best of Show”) many netizens unofficially named the model one of the conference’s top picks. The LG 47LM9600 (46-inch) and LG 55LM9600 (55-inch) were released this month while the 84-inch will be due late October. I found a great review of the TV here: http://www.gosugadget.com/2012/03/2012-lg-lm9600-55-inch-review-by-tvgosu.html
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iPhone 5 Screen Size

 Screens are getting bigger on smartphones and this is no small part thanks to the Android manufactures who seem to go by the philosophy - bigger is better, even though huge screen (5 inches, really?) aren't that needed. If you really have a need for so many different medias such as video, then why not get a tablet? Settling for some sort of in between option is never a good idea in life, so why settle for it when it comes to your devices? Even so, Apple is losing market share as possible buyers choose other options over their iPhone because of the screen size. This time around, it seems that Apple wants to put their foot down and get back on the leader role on market.
Leaked render of the possible iPhone 5 screen
 For this reason, the old 3.5 inch screen size may soon be replaced with a 4.6 inch screen. A huge change to Apple's legacy and what Steve Jobs used to tell us? Perhaps, but maybe this new change is better. Fans of Apple's products will probably not mind the bigger screen sizes, and if they stated their disappointment then Apple could easily come up with a 3.5 inch model of the product as well. One of the more interesting things is that the new screen size would certainly bring a brand new design that would step away from the classic minimalism design of the iPhone we are used to. So what will the iPhone 5 look like, any ideas? Well, only a few...

What Users Think of the iPhone 5 Screen Size

 The general opinion is that while it there isn't any harm to getting a larger screen, it really isn't that big of deal to get it in the first place. A majority of users, however, do wish to go for a 4 inch screen and think the iPhone 5 should certainly feature it. Those who don't want a 4 to 4.6 inches screen size should still be able to get the smaller version, it's not rocket science Apple! But when you think about it, the 4 inch screen does make a lot of sense. It will give you more options and still not be too bulky or large. Fans of the older 3.5 inch size would easily get used to it and the transition wouldn't be so hard.

 Another important side note should be the design, the iPhone 4S really looked like the previous model and didn't bring anything new to the distinguish it from the others. The iPhone 5 must come with a new and improved design with more variety, but still keep to its old elegant and familiar tradition.

 What do you think? What size do you want the phone to have?
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Multimedia Audio Device

Multimedia Audio Device Driver Download - Automatic Download!

Life aloof got easier. there's a way you can download a multimedia audio accessory disciplinarian after alike accepting to appointment the driver(s) maker's website or added sites geared to drivers. I accept to acquaint you that a acceptable allocation of us haven't ample out what they should do out in the net' in adjustment to download and install drivers. You may be skeptical, but i'm activity to change your absolute driver(s) look methods, accumulate account this commodity for the afterward information.

If you're like best users, you apparently don't apprehend the way things assignment - software programmers consistently amend their drivers due to faults, acknowledging new features, acknowledging new devices, etc. If you adjudge to use the web for a driver(s) search, it is capital for you to install the official and up to date copy of the burning driver(s). Aloof what does a disciplinarian do? This is a blazon of software which contains accurate abstracts on an appliance or borderline accessory so your pc will be able to "converse" with that accurate device. We can all use advice with these advancing disciplinarian questions - there happens to be a affairs which aboriginal of all examines all your accessories and again bound finds the actual and accepted drivers for them. Once you install and run this acute 'drivers scanner' it'll locate ambiguous or ancient drivers and calmly acting them with new versions.

A computer's drivers are all-important apparatus that crave casual care, absolutely the aforementioned way that you accumulate your windows absolutely operational. A arrangement such as this works in accession to the automated win updates as at the aforementioned time it discovers and replaces as all-important the drivers acclimated by some of your programs or devices. It's accept to do driver(s) installations the ancient way, but booty the time for analysis and analysis to see that these drivers are activity to be acceptable with the windows ver. you accept installed.
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PCI Audio Device

PCI Audio Device Driver

Reformatting your computer or afterlight your operating software can interefere with your drivers. Often, afterlight your PCI audio accessory disciplinarian will break any problems you may accept been accepting with your complete or the PCI audio device. This involves scanning through all the accessible drivers to acquisition the PCI audio accessory disciplinarian that is accordant with both your computer belvedere blazon and the accomplish and archetypal of your audio device.

Before you attack this, accomplish abiding that the botheration does not lie elsewhere. Accomplish abiding that all your ability and affiliation cables are appropriately added and that the access are in alive condition. Also accomplish abiding that the aggregate is not aerial and is angry up to a acceptable volume.

Now, you should attending at your complete agenda to accomplish abiding that the botheration does, in fact, lie with your drivers. Depending on whether you are active Windows 7/Vista or Windows XP, there are two hardly altered routes to award it.

If you accept Windows Vista/7, do this by activity to the Control Panel again to the System and Security section. Access the Accessory Manager again the Sound, Video and Games Controller section.

If you accept Windows XP, go to the Control Panel again the System section. Select Hardware and Accessory Manager. Again go to the Complete Video and Games Controller section.

If you don't see a complete card, download one from the architect of your PCI audio accessory driver's website.

You'll apparently see a chicken catechism mark abutting to your complete agenda at this point. This confirms that you charge to amend your PCI audio accessory driver. You can do this manually. Go to the website of the architect of your PCI audio accessory and acquisition the "Support" or "Downloads" section. Again you should acquisition your PCI audio accessory by application the look bar. Alternatively, you can browse through the categories to acquisition your exact model. There will be a drivers area absorbed to anniversary device. Acquisition the actual one for you and download the file. Double-clicking on the downloaded book will complete the installation.

Alternatively, you can amend your drivers automatically by installing software such as Easy Disciplinarian Pro. Your software will analyze your computer blueprint and all drivers that charge to be updated, including the PCI audio accessory driver. The software will download any added updates in the future, as and back they are appear so you can blow assured that all your drivers will be kept current.
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Intel Core i7-3770K

Intel Core i7-3770K Review: A Small Step Up For Ivy Bridge

Intel’s Ivy Bridge architecture, system builderCyberPower PC is offering Tom’s Hardware's audience the opportunity to win a new system based on Intel’s Core i5-3570K processor. Read through our review, and then check out the last page for more information on the system, plus a link to enter our sweepstakes!
Both AMD and Intel know that great products create lofty expectations. When you follow up an Athlon with an Athlon 64, or a Core 2 with a Core i7, customers start looking for big progress from subsequent generations, too.
Well, we all know that Sandy Bridge was a home run on the desktop. Can all of the enthusiasts who posted to forums about waiting for Ivy Bridge really be faulted for hoping to see another round of impressive performance gains?
Ivy Bridge was never projected to be as impactful as its predecessor, though. The company’s “tick-tock” cadence defines alternating steps forward in processor architecture and manufacturing technology. When Intel pulls off a successful new design based on mature lithography, the improvements tend to be big, bold, and beautiful. Nehalem and Sandy Bridge, both “tocks,” left us satisfied and smiling. A process shrink typically introduces other benefits, such as smaller dies and power savings. Benchmark results, however, typically don't change as drastically. 
Westmere was Intel’s most recent “tick,” heralding the arrival of 32 nm transistors. The company used more diminutive geometry to create room for additional cores on its fastest desktop-oriented CPUs, giving us chips likethe Core i7-990X.
Today’s Ivy Bridge launch represents the next “tick”—a 22 nm die shrink of the same fundamental architecture we already know as Sandy Bridge. Intel is calling it a “tick-plus,” though, because there actually are a few under-the-hood improvements.
Unfortunately for desktop enthusiasts, the most significant changes center on the design’s integrated graphics engine, which most of us simply don’t utilize.  
Naturally, the story is different in the mobile space, where lower power consumption and “fast enough” 3D capabilities combine to enable big battery life numbers and surprisingly acceptable performance. But today’s Core i7-3770K review doesn’t cover a mobile processor. Rather, we’re looking at Intel’s fastest multiplier-unlocked model, positioned to succeed the existing Core i7-2700K and -2600K.

Meet Ivy Bridge

Intel built Sandy Bridge-based chips in three different configurations: one quad-core and two dual-core designs. The most complex implementation included 995 million transistors in a 216 mm² piece of silicon. In comparison, the biggest Ivy Bridge die incorporates 1.4 billion transistors on a 160 mm² die.
If you were to show your grandmother die shots of Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge, she should be able to point out where most of those 400 million new transistors were added. Clearly, the built-in graphics engine is more prominent.
Much of the expansion is attributable to an increase in execution units—the programmable shaders responsible for graphics processing—which Intel claims boost 3D performance by as much as 2x. Sandy Bridge’s HD Graphics 3000 employed 12 EUs; Ivy Bridge’s HD Graphics 4000 pushes that number to 16. HD Graphics 4000 also uniquely supports DirectX 11, up to three display outputs, OpenCL and DirectCompute, and better Quick Sync performance, all of which we’ll test for you.
The rest of the layout should look fairly familiar. Given a mainstream focus, the die driving Core i7-3770K is a quad-core, Hyper-Threaded part with 8 MB of shared L3 cache divided up into four 2 MB slices, same as the Core i7-2600K we reviewed more than a year ago. There are a handful of small tweaks to what the cores themselves can do. Intel says that those adjustments, plus tweaks in the cache and memory controller, help improve the number of instructions per clock cycle this architecture executes. We’ll be running per-clock comparisons between Ivy and Sandy Bridge to help quantify those claims as well.

Cores / ThreadsBase Freq.Max. TurboL3 CacheHD GraphicsGraphics Base Freq.Graphics Max. Freq.TDP (W)Price
Third-Gen Core i7 Family
-3770K4/83.5 GHz3.9 GHz8 MB4000650 MHz1.15 GHz77$313
-37704/83.4 GHz3.9 GHz8 MB4000650 MHz1.15 GHz77$278
-3770T4/82.5 GHz3.7 GHz8 MB4000650 MHz1.15 GHz45$278
-3770S4/83.1 GHz3.9 GHz8 MB4000650 MHz1.15 GHz65$278
Third-Gen Core i5 Family
-3570K4/43.4 GHz3.8 GHz6 MB4000650 MHz1.15 GHz77$212
-3570T4/42.3 GHz3.3 GHz6 MB2500650 MHz1.15 GHz45$194
-35704/43.4 GHz3.8 GHz6 MB2500650 MHz1.15 GHz77$194
-35504/43.3 GHz3.7 GHz6 MB2500650 MHz1.15 GHz77$194
-3550S4/43.0 GHz3.7 GHz6 MB2500650 MHz1.15 GHz65$194
-34704/43.2 GHz3.6 GHz6 MB2500650 MHz1.1 GHz77$174
-3470T2/42.9 GHz3.5 GHz3 MB2500650 MHz1.05 GHz35$174
-3470S4/42.9 GHz3.6 GHz6 MB2500650 MHz1.1 GHz65$174
-34504/43.1 GHz3.5 GHz6 MB2500650 MHz1.1 GHz77$174
-3450S4/42.8 GHz3.5 GHz6 MB2500650 MHz1.1 GHz65$174

We’re still looking at a dual-channel memory controller, though it’s now rated for DDR3-1600 data rates. Given the right memory, enthusiasts have the option to overclock as high as 2667 MT/s (up from 2133 MT/s) in more granular 200 MHz increments.
And although Ivy Bridge carries over Sandy Bridge’s 16 lanes of on-die PCI Express connectivity, we now have official PCIe 3.0 support for cards like AMD’s Radeon HD 7000s and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 680.
All told, Ivy Bridge is yet another highly integrated processor design from Intel. Its pieces were constructed by independent teams throughout the world—engineers in Israel are responsible for the IA cores, a team in Folsom, CA built the graphics engine, and a second team in Folsom implemented the interconnects, cache, and system agent. Of course, a process development group up in Oregon made sure it’d all come together on the new 22 nm node.
What is the final product capable of? Let’s walk through Ivy Bridge step by step, exploring where it excels and digging into where it falls short of the community’s expectations.
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Intel Core i5-2500K

Intel’s Sandy Bridge codenamed processors are assuredly with us. We’re not afflicted by the company’s unadventurous allotment strategy, befitting the Core i7, i5 and i3 brands, and the addition of yet addition atrium is additionally a affliction – and agency you can’t advancement to the new chips on your absolute motherboard.

On the absolute side, the new Core i5 ambit (of which the 2500K is the top model) is now added consistent. Previous i5 processors could accept two or four cores, with some accepting congenital graphics, and some not – a actual ambagious bearings for those aggravating to body a new PC. All the new Core i5s are all quad-core processors and accept congenital cartoon chips – so at atomic you apperceive what you’re getting.

The i5 ambit lacks the Hyper-Threading apparent on the new i7 processors, and so it can’t accompanying chain and assassinate two instructions. All new Core i5s accept 6MB of L3 cache, compared to 8MB in the Core i7s, and the cartoon cores run slower too, at 1100MHz rather than 1,350MHz. You still get all the allowances of the new cartoon chip, including HDMI 1.4a, see our Core i7-2600K analysis for abounding details.

The Core i5-2600K has a abject abundance of 3.3GHz, admitting the dent rarely anytime runs at that speed. It Turbo Boosts up to 3.7GHz beneath load, and clocks bottomward to 1.6GHz aback dabbling to save power. In our benchmarks it was abundantly quick beyond all the tests. It denticulate 173 in angel editing, 186 in video encoding and 158 in multi-tasking, with an all-embracing account of 174. This is all compared to a account of 100 from a quad-core AMD Phenom II active at 2.8GHz.

All the new i5 processors can accept their multipliers overclocked by up to four steps, or 400MHz, and the K-designated processors are absolutely apart and can be pushed far faster if desired.

We pushed up the best multiplier on our dent by four accomplish for a top acceleration of 4.1GHz. This is a best ambition remember, and so in our multi-threaded video encoding test, we saw it burke aback to about 3.8GHz to accumulate it from overheating. Not surprising, as we were alone application the accepted low-rise Intel acknowledgment for this test. Still, the overclock resulted in an absurd all-embracing account of 191.With a beyond tower-style acknowledgment we saw it stick to the best multiplier ambience far added consistently, with a account aloof shy of 200.

Even factoring the amount of a new motherboard, the latest Core i5 is a abundant buy. It’s an abundantly fast processor, and for those still application earlier Core 2 Duo or Quad chips, it’s a abundant action to accomplish the upgrade. We'd acclaim accepting the 2500K version, as for alone a few added pounds you get an apart dent to agreement with, and so it wins our Best Buy award.
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