The iPhone 5 Will Beat the Samsung Galaxy S3 Easily!

Hi there Apple fans! As you know the competition on the smartphone market is growing with each year. While Apple and their amazing iOS smartphones (the iPhones) have dominated the market in the USA over the past few years, things are getting harder. Android is rising platform that threatens to take some of Apple's market share. One such device is the new Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone, who those Android fan-boys date call the iPhone killer. What a joke!

On May 3rd Samsung revealed their phone in Earl's Court in London, and on May 28th the phone will officially go on sale in Europe. The Galaxy S3 smartphone is powerful gadget and really good phone! It may not be an iPhone, but it really is something special and sophisticated piece of technology. However, going so far as to baldy state that this piece of plastic can take over the iPhone's lead is just crazy! And in a moment we will show you why!
The Galaxy S3 design. The predecessor, the Galaxy S2 was the seconds best selling smartphone, right behind the iPhone last year. Samsung hopes to go one step further.

 The Galaxy S III is a phone that has a lot going for it, but even so outmatching the iPhone 4 (let alone the rumored iPhone 5) is out of the question. The specs of the phone are quite impressive, we'll give Samsung that! The quad core Exynos processor is quite a treat for those who do end up going for this phone, but Apple has had that going for a while.

 Samsungdidn't just try to outplay Apple when it comes to the hardware, they tried to show off in the software field as well. One such software is the S Voice which is copy-cat of Siri and provides almost the same functions.
An artist's interpretation of the iPhone 5 smartphone.

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