iPhone 5 Screen Size

 Screens are getting bigger on smartphones and this is no small part thanks to the Android manufactures who seem to go by the philosophy - bigger is better, even though huge screen (5 inches, really?) aren't that needed. If you really have a need for so many different medias such as video, then why not get a tablet? Settling for some sort of in between option is never a good idea in life, so why settle for it when it comes to your devices? Even so, Apple is losing market share as possible buyers choose other options over their iPhone because of the screen size. This time around, it seems that Apple wants to put their foot down and get back on the leader role on market.
Leaked render of the possible iPhone 5 screen
 For this reason, the old 3.5 inch screen size may soon be replaced with a 4.6 inch screen. A huge change to Apple's legacy and what Steve Jobs used to tell us? Perhaps, but maybe this new change is better. Fans of Apple's products will probably not mind the bigger screen sizes, and if they stated their disappointment then Apple could easily come up with a 3.5 inch model of the product as well. One of the more interesting things is that the new screen size would certainly bring a brand new design that would step away from the classic minimalism design of the iPhone we are used to. So what will the iPhone 5 look like, any ideas? Well, only a few...

What Users Think of the iPhone 5 Screen Size

 The general opinion is that while it there isn't any harm to getting a larger screen, it really isn't that big of deal to get it in the first place. A majority of users, however, do wish to go for a 4 inch screen and think the iPhone 5 should certainly feature it. Those who don't want a 4 to 4.6 inches screen size should still be able to get the smaller version, it's not rocket science Apple! But when you think about it, the 4 inch screen does make a lot of sense. It will give you more options and still not be too bulky or large. Fans of the older 3.5 inch size would easily get used to it and the transition wouldn't be so hard.

 Another important side note should be the design, the iPhone 4S really looked like the previous model and didn't bring anything new to the distinguish it from the others. The iPhone 5 must come with a new and improved design with more variety, but still keep to its old elegant and familiar tradition.

 What do you think? What size do you want the phone to have?
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