2012 LG Cinema 3D Smart TV Magic Motion Remote

LG’s 2012 line-up of Cinema 3D Smart TVs are equipped with the new and improved LG Magic Motion Remote Control 2012 model. The Wii-like remote will have the same set of buttons but adding 3 important features like the 2D-3D Conversion button, Scroll wheel that makes your navigation easier, and lastly the voice recognition system that obeys every command that you say. Changing channels and TV settings has never been easier and more convenient. If you’d on the other hand just like to find your recently viewed videos, you’ll be able to use magic motion gestures to get to this by simply making the letter “V.

Plus the new ergonomic design of this remote control perfectly fits your hand

LG has successfully redefined the meaning of the ultimate TV remote commander by integrating various methods of controlling your TV into one magical wand called Magic Motion Remote. Wave, speak, scroll, or tap, name it and the LG Magic Motion remote will surely follow your command.  

There’s only one tiny problem here. This remote is only compatible with 2012 TV models so if you have a 2011 LG TV then you can settle with your current 2011 magic remote or just download the LG TV remote iOS App or Android App which works perfectly with LG TVs. 

To top it all off this remote is definitely revolutionary as it has just been recognized by the Universal Design  for its ease of use and convenience and enhancing the Smart TV user experience.

Check out these helpful videos on how to use the 2012 LG Magic Motion Remote
Magic Wheel


Magic Pattern Gesture

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