Titanic II Soon to be Possible

This year, there's so much happening related to Titanic. Aside from converting the famous film into 3D and the 100th year commemoration of the tragedy, yesterday, as I was checking news online I've seen a lot of articles about the construction of a Titanic replica to commence next year. It will be funded by an Australian billionaire by the name of Clive Palmer. Mr Palmer is from Queensland whose business includes mining as well as a luxury resort. He wants the luxury ship to sail from London to New York by 2016 and commissioned a Chinese shipyard to build it. He said it would be as luxurious as Titanic but of course with modern technology to ensure passenger's safety.

Here's a video clip of his announcement.

My two cents about this is they should try as much as possible to do away with the "unsinkable" image because it would remind people how the original Titanic failed. Agree?
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