Bored? Play Tetris.

What do you usually do when you're bored to death? In MIT, here's what they do

Hackers were successful in running a Tetris game on Green Building of MIT, which is by the way, the tallest in Cambridge. Their first attempt to do this was last September but they encountered glitches.

For those that are not familiar, in MIT, the term hacker doesn't immediately mean the bad guys who steal our online information. In the said institute, hackers are usually undergraduate students who play practical jokes by displaying their technical talents. Usually, hacks are done to showcase group solidarity or even self expression.These usually happens within campus and sometimes off campus but they are not really reprimanded by school officials. Although, some hackers faced complaints of trespassing before.

In this recent hack, they used 153 color changing LED lights and I think this is really applause- worthy because it really is very similar to the real thing. 

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