Lytro and Its Living Pictures

A month ago I came across a newspaper article about an odd looking camera. It reminded me of kaleidoscope and is no way near the usual design of point and shoot cameras nowadays. Honestly, if you would just look at it, it wouldn't really be appealing for something around $400. But it actually boasts of a revolutionary technology for cameras-- light field photography.

I saw another article about it yesterday, and I'm a bit surprised that there were more people who got interested with it than I expected. So today, I visited their site and checked their picture gallery. I must say that I had fun checking out the pictures.

What makes Lytro cool is that you can refocus the image even after the shot. Which makes sense why they call their photos living pictures.

Lytro's first generation cameras are available in 8 GB and 16 GB but as of now their image files can only be processed and edited using their software which is only available for Mac users. But you can share your images using their site.

If you're curious how it works this is the video they have for the basic use of their camera.

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