Facebook + Instagram = Bad?

Last Monday, FB's dad Mark Zuckerberg announced that for $1 Billion, they were able to purchase the very promising app, Instagram. However, the news was not celebrated. Many of Instagram users complained and deleted their accounts.

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 Is this really unimaginable?

Instagram was a brainchild of Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. They started developing the app in San Francisco in March 2010. That time their team is worth $500,000. It was launched October of the same year via Apple's App Store and from there their worth continued to grow. Last week marked another milestone for Intragram after their Android version was released. That made their worth jumped to $500 Million. All that in less than two years. 

Another interesting thing about them and also the reason why I used the word team to refer to them, is that there are only 13 people who works for Instagram.

Instagram has more than 25 million users of the app even before the Android version was released and definitely it's not going any other way but up.

Business people interpreted FB's move as being prudent. They said that since it's projected that Instagram users will balloon to 100 million there is a big chance that it would be a very strong competitor. As early as now, they decided to take preventive measures.

While there are some people who are pessimistic about the acquisition, more are feeling apprehensions with what happened. Though FB's dad said that Instagram would still be independent many people fear that it would be another Facebook where they always worry about their information privacy. They also said that one thing they liked about Instagram is they never made it a hang out place for advertisements. But because it would be under FB's umbrella they said they're pretty sure that it would be one of the major changes.

Personally, I've seen it coming, Instagram being acquired by another company, but I didn't expect it coming this soon. I understand where the worry is coming from considering FB has a track record of acquiring start up companies and is speculated to kill it in the process or in the long run. I understand the side of Instagram's owners too because for a two- year old company $1B is truly a pot of gold. But let's see where this acquisition will be in the future.

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