New iPhone 4S Siri ads star Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschanel

Usually Apple posts their ads on their website and then now I see these Siri ads that star Samuel L Jackson and Zooey Deschanel on TV during How I Met Your Mother the other night.

Hollywood celebrity Samuel LJ cancels his golf appointment, looks up a market to get an organic mushroom for his Italian Risotto, and sets a reminder to put the Spanish Gazpacho on ice. All of these important little tasks were possibly made by his personal secretary—Siri. At the end of the commercial, the actor ironically asks Siri to take the night off, to which Siri replies “if you say so”.

Another ad featuring actress Zooey Deschanel just aired as well, for carrier Sprint. It also seems like the same ads are airing with different network carrier logos at the end. She asks if it’s raining, orders tomato soup for delivery, sets a reminder to clean up tomorrow, plays Big Joe Turner’s Shake Rattle and Roll song by commanding Siri with the help of WiFi and AirPlay that lets you stream music throughout your entire house wirelessly.

Apple is also rolling this out to their target markets outside US like UK, Australia, French, Germany, and Japan. And then I wonder, if Apple makes Siri ads for Japan it would be awesome if they employ some ninjas in their ads. Better make sure they have a funny Japanese commercial that can beat this one (see video of a Japanese man who can’t pronounce “walk” with an American accent). A Japanese guy who wants to send an email was asked by Siri which email address to use whether work email or home email. Siri responds “I don’t know what you mean by walk”. Because of the great difference between English and Japanese, English for Japanese becomes Engrish. Like work to walk… The guy was probably fired the following day for not sending that emailto work.

But good thing, as Apple mentioned in the keynote event headed by Apple CEO Tim Cook last March 2012 that the iOS 5.1 now includes a Japanese language support for Siri.

If Siri could really live up to what it shows off in the ads then that would really be pretty damn cool. Apple just posted the official versions of the ads on its website and YouTube channel. Find them below, or on Apple’s website

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