Asahi Bottle Cooler

The Asahi beer cooler is a unique device that is capable of chilling bottles of Asahi to the perfect drinking temperature in just 3.5 minutes

Asahi Brewery previously delivered a robotic mobile barista. The Japanese brewer has now unveiled its latest creation, the Asahi Super Dry Cooler. Just like the LG Blast Chiller but detached from the fridge. You can move it around the kitchen or bring it to your buddy’s crib like a toaster. And it’s every bit as cool as it sounds. Pop a bottle of Asahi (other beers also accepted, but didn’t come up with the idea so receive no love here) in this small machine and three and a half minutes later, you’re ready to chug that ice cold beer. That’s tech any of us can get our head around. The chiller also accommodates soft drinks, wine and, for those actually prospering in the global recession, even champagne bottles, which it returns chilled to perfection after just six minutes. The chilling speed rate is faster than that of LG’s blast chiller. Bad news is that only your bloody British mates can only purchase this gizmo for beer-coholics as it’s only available in the UK…for now at a price of £60 to £70.

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