Active 3D vs Passive 3D…Final Round

Active and passive 3D duking it out is like the Ali and Frazier series. Just when you thought passive won it, active would come back with ferocity but in the end, passive would come and smash active to pieces, or at least it seems so now.

Dr. Raymond M. Soneira, President of DisplayMate Technology Co. has conducted the most in-depth review of these two technologies that I have seen on the internet. It is evident throughout the review that favoritism is at the absolute minimum and facts and results are what his opinions are based on.

This review covers everything, top to bottom and the only conclusive arguments I can think of are based on personal preference over facts. These are some of the many things covered:

-Left-Right Crosstalk and Ghosting
-Crosstalk and Ghosting with Viewing Angle and Position
-Crosstalk, Ghosting with Head Tilt
-3D imaging, Resolution and Sharpness Viewing Tests
-Recommendations for Viewing 3D TVs

This review seems to deal a heavy blow to active 3D claims over its superior imaging over passive 3D. You should check the article out for yourself. You can find the article here.
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