LG + THX means one thing, Pure Awesomeness

LG has recently released the emperor of 3D LED TVs from prison, the LW9800. This 55 inch Nano Full LED TV is the World’s First 3D TV that is certified by THX (out of ALL 3D TVs including passive/active). This is huge… We’re not talking our ordinary local movie reviewer, THX has reviewed hundreds and thousands of movies on hundreds and thousands of TVs from the top experts in their profession, no explanation needed.

What’s so interesting about this particular TV compared to the previous passive TVs by LG is that this TV is Full array Nano LED which means, the brights will be brighter and the blacks will be blacker.  LG claims this stunning new display holds the record for the highest contrast ratio, set at 10,000,000:1…unbelievable. This TV is also rated at 480hz, which virtually eliminates any type of motion blur. The 3D interface is pretty much the same from previous LW series except with certain new additions such as Amazon Instant Video. Aside from all the jaw-dropping specs, the design is gorgeous.  This ultra slim LED TV has one of the most beautiful designs I have seen yet. The TV actually looks really nice when its turn off as well. A huge step up from the LW6500 thats for sure.  I’m ordering one as soon as I finish writing this.
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