Passive 3D TV with Titanic is good news for my LG

Ok. I finally bought my LG LW9800. I got it for around $3600 and boy, it was worth every penny. Oh my goodness, this is such a pretty TV. The features are awesome and the colors are crazy ( in a good way). Forget passive vs active debates, this TV is the BEST 3D TV. Now this blog post isn’t about my TV, I just thought I’d mention it before hand.

Now I’m sure everyone here has seen or at least heard about the huge mega-box office hit, The Titanic from the 90s. Well its back with 3D vengeance for 2012. James Cameron, the director of the two most successful movies in history (Avatar and Titanic box office sales top $4 billion combined globally) has begun the process of converting the film for Titanic frame by frame.

This gruel-some process has been a test of the director’s patience to fully manifest 3D into each scene with the correct depth and volume. So far the cost of the project is at a whopping $18 million and the movie isn’t even halfway finished. The release date for Titanic 3D is set for April 6, 2012.

This could be the beginning of a whole new industry. The remaking of old classics into 3D using current technology is just a mind-boggling idea that sends chills down my spine. As James Cameron put it, "Passive glasses are here and the quality is improving all the time. The fact that they are throwaway means this technology could be critical." Seems like passive 3D is the way to go and is here to stay. Glad my LG 3D TV is a passive 3D TV.  
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