Android Jellybean 4.1 Vs iOS 6-App store

Okay,so now comes the App Store.Well,first of all,I would like to point out that in this case, different people have different views.Some say that the iOS App Store is better since it has more number of apps,while others say that though the number of apps in the android market is less than that of iOS the quality of apps is better.So lets leave that to the experts.
     What I am gonna compare is the looks-the way both apps are presented in front of the users and how easy they are to use.

First of all,what I would like to point out is that the Android Market has a collection of all apps,say games,ebooks,songs etc.On the other hand the iOS store is fragmented into various parts -

  • App store (Apps & Games)
  • iTunes(Songs)
  • Newsstand (ebooks,magazines)   etc
So ,since I prefer everything unified my personal choice is the Android Market.Moreover,I think that the Android Market is a little bit faster than the App Store .
So the winner of this round is Android Jellybean.

Note :- Please don't get me wrong here both the app stores are superb .It is just a matter of personal choice.If you think that the App Store(iOS) is better please comment below.

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