Why One Should Avoid Buying Cheap Android Phones

Android.Sounds familiar, doesn't it?Yes it should because at present Android is one of the most popular mobile OS s in the world.Well,there is a secret behind its success.And that is its openness,its wide variety of choices.If you want out a slide out keyboard,android can offer that for you.A tablet perhaps,yes Android has it.Even if all you want is a simple cheap smartphone , there is an Android phone for you. However there is a catch.If you’re seeking a cheap Android phone ,you are basically calling trouble on your shoulders. Let’s talk about the perils of going cheap on Android.

Software Updates

If you have a Google phone (galaxy Nexus, Google nexus etc)you don't have to worry about anything you can be rest assured that you will get the Android updates at the earliest.However if you have a HTC ,Samsung , Motorola or any other company's Android phone you will need to wait for a long time .Well there is a good enough reason for that.The company itself will give some additional tweaks to the OS to make it different from others.However if you have a cheap Android smartphone then it is most likely that you are never going to get that update at all.Because the company would not simply not care to update it since it is cheap.

Low Specifications(RAM Mainly)

Jyst check out this conversation

Hey,when did you buy that phone?
A week ago.Good,isn't it?

Yeah.It looks good at least.How much did it cost?
You wont believe it!Only 6,500 INR!

What?really what are the specs?
well you know Android 2.3,600 MHz processor,256 MB of ram.......

256 Mb of ram??and you it runs android 2.3??

Cause with 256 Mb of ram you just cant run most of the android apps.

Yes this is exactly what happened to one of my friends recently.

With that low RAM you just can't run majority of the apps in the market..Games are the most obvious example you can expect on a low-end phone. More and more often games are requiring dual-core chips, and quad-core is on the way. Some of the most compelling gaming experiences won’t be accessible in the Android Market on a cheap phone. At times, a game might not require a faster chip, but it should. It’s more than possible that a phone will be allowed to download a paid game that simply fails to run at an acceptable frame rate.
Maybe you’re not a mobile gamer, but it’s not just the gaming scene that will be hampered by your slow hardware. As Android moves forward into a future of hardware accelerated apps, a low-end phone isn’t going to be able to compete. It will lack the memory bandwidth and GPU speed to push pixels around the way top-tier phones can. That means apps will remain clunky and less enjoyable to use. If all that wasn’t bad enough, a low-spec phone might not be powerful enough to run newer versions of Android — you might be stuck with Android 2.2 or 2.3 for the next two years.

Lack of Multitasking

One of Android's main advantages is presence of full multitasking .Well,with a cheap Android smartphone you can forget that mainly due to low RAM.When multitasking works correctly on Android, it’s a revelation, but when you’re short of RAM, it can be a nightmare. To jump from app to app, your phone needs to keep processes in the background, which eats up memory. Inexpensive phones have less RAM, and as apps become more robust, fewer of them will be able to fit in your meager system RAM.

When Android doesn’t have enough memory, it starts killing background processes.What happened to the music player?Oh sorry,Android had to close it to open the game .So you can understand that when apps are just closing in the background anyway, Android’s multitasking system becomes pointless.

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