How To Protect Yourself From Win32.Sality Virus

This tutorial ,I think,is really  important because it will help you to protect yourself from one of the most dangerous viruses,the Win32 salinity virus.So lets start with this important tutorial.


Sality is a family of file infecting viruses that spread by infecting exe and scr files. The virus also includes an autorun worm component that allows it to spread to any removable  drive. In addition, Sality includes a downloader trojan component that installs additional Malware via the Web.


This virus can disable your antivirus,your firewall.It prevents access to certain antivirus and security websites. Sality can also prevent booting into Safe Mode and may delete security-related files found on infected systems. To spread via the autorun component, Sality generally drops a .cmd, .pif, and .exe to the root of discoverable drives, along with an autorun.inf file which contains instructions to load the dropped file(s) when the drive is accessed. The Sality virus joins infected machines to its own P2P network. Updates to the malware are fed via decentralized lists of HTTP URLs.
              If you notice that your applications are suddenly taking up too much space or your antivirus is not working properly then it is probably due to Salinity virus


1.Enable a firewall on your computer.
2.Get the latest computer updates for all your installed software.
3.Use up-to-date antivirus software.
4.Limit user privileges on the computer.
5.Use caution when opening attachments and accepting file transfers.
6.Use caution when clicking on links to web pages.
7.Avoid downloading pirated software.
8.Protect yourself against social engineering attacks.
9.Use strong passwords


If it happens that despite these preventions you are affected by a salinity virus or your antivirus detects this virus do not worry.Do not delete those files since that can disrupt your system.Get Kaspersky Removal Tools from here.Run it and get rid of the virus.Reboot your system.

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Note:-   I too was recently attacked by this virus and my computer is now completely safe too.I had actually used Zonealarm Antivirus(free) and I discovered that it had disrupted 257 files(yes thats true)
So take my advice seriously .
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