Why Symbian Became Dead

Well first of all I would start by saying that Symbian is now dead.There may be a few UI updates but those are extremely minor.
These are the reasons why I think Symbian couldn't carry on its success:
Nokia N97

  • First of all, after the huge success of Iphone as well as Android over the years, Symbian's downfall was evident.
  • The (in)famous Symbian browser  - Really the browser on Symbian(Nokia) phones was so much buggy that it was almost next to impossible to use for general purposes.On the other hand the mobile safari and android browsers have become so much advanced that Symbian couldn't really catch up with them.
Why only the browser?Before Symbian Anna , Symbian itself was extremely buggy (and even now it is).Applications took forever to open,the phone would switch off itself and then suddenly start.In general,the phones were extremely laggy and slow.Take the Nokia n97 for an example.
  • Abandon Maemo and(Meego) which were according to me excellent OSes.
  • Eventually the MeeGo device : Nokia N9 hit the market. It was massive! The phone was a complete beauty no matter what you consider. The Nokia MeeGo Harmattan UI with Swipe was tremendously awesome. The device simply had the most beautiful hardware design and UI one could find on any mobile phone. Sites like Engadget that never used to write good reviews for Nokia devices were forced to praise the N9. It was a well accepted master piece. But there was a catch. Elop decided to not sell it globally in all countries. It was limited to a few countries and frankly speaking, this drove me crazy. wasn't launched in India and many other countries where Nokia devices are used heavily. Even though the production was limited, the devicesold like hot cakes. But Nokia was-already emerged in tremendouslosses. One device couldn’t save it or maybe it could have, to some extent fit was properly advertised and soldglobally all over. This was another big mistake Nokia made. I understandthat the N9 was sacrificed for Windows Phones but was this worth it?
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