Bad Piggies Game Review

Bad Piggies review
Angry Birds was released by Rovio in late 2009.Today it is constantly being updated by Rovio and is one of the best mobile games in the world.On 27th September Rovio released its latest game Bad Piggies.The title gives gamers a chance to see the antagonistic pigs from the company’s runaway success Angry Birds in a new, more positive light.

Just like Angry Birds or Cut The Rope Bad Piggies is a sort of puzzle game.However the game play as well as strategies are very different. Before each stage begins ,the player is supplied with a handful of vehicle parts.When players drop a part into the grid it automatically snaps into place, attaching itself to your vehicle-in-progress.

The goal of the game is to reach from the start line to the finish line .At first the game may seem to be very basic.But In fact, the game eventually gets pretty challenging, so it is actually pretty difficult to get three stars on each level.The vehicles can be as simple as a cart on wheels, or as elaborate as a jet-propelled rocket. Moreover, a number of stars are scattered across the levels, and while picking them up is not mandatory, they are required for getting those elusive three stars instead of simply unlocking the next stage.

Discovering secrets like the silver skulls hidden in some levels also unlocks Bad Piggies’ ultra-tough sandbox stages. These give gamers a huge collection of vehicle parts (with more unlocked as you play), then plop you into the middle of a wide-open stage with 20 star crates littered high and low. I could only figure out how to collect two of the 20 in my first run at the starter sandbox map.

This game will actually remind you people a little about the Angry Birds since the pigs are actually those that are from Angry Birds.
All in all,this is definitely a nice game but can this be as successful as the Angry Birds?Stay tuned to find out.

Download Bad Piggies for AndroidHD version (free, ad-supported) | iOS ($0.99)
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