Blackberry 10 Beta 3 Released

On 26th September Rim revealed the blackberry 10 beta 3 version running on a test device.Dev Alpha B.

RIM is supposed to start releasing its devices in early 2013,and the final UI should look very much like this UI.
Let's start with the new UI features. Starting with the new beta, to wake the device, you simply swipe from the bottom of the screen. Then, you are welcomed with the traditional batch of homescreen panels. The first homescreen isn't really a homescreen in the sense that it holds widgets and app shortcuts. Rather, it houses the so called "Active Frames". You can have up to 8 of them and they represent currently running applications. Mind you, only four fit on one screen, so to view the other four, you'd have to scroll down.

You can jump straight to the homescreen from any app by swiping from the bottom up. Making the opposite swipe (top down) brings up the settings menu or another contextual menu, depending on the app you're in.That is a nice feature,I think.

There is a new feature as well known as the Blackberry Hub,RIM's all-in-one messaging service.As the nme suggests,you can find all your email account messages,messages from social networks(Facebook,twitter etc)
in that Hub.You can open the Hub by swiping up the screen and then to the right.

RIM has integrated an interesting feature allowing you to switch the device into personal or work mode when you swipe down from top of the screen when viewing the App icons screens.Well this reminds me of the Nokia E63,E71 where there used to be two modes simililarly,business and personal .Remember anyone?

Judging from the footage, the latest build of BlackBerry 10 looks very promising. It's very fast and fluid, and packs a lot of interesting UI features that its competitors just currently lack.
As for the new device, it features a 4.2-inch display with RIM's standardized resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels. .Check out the video below.

However ,I am forced to say doesn't this resemble the Nokia N9 even if a little bit.What do you guys think?

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