Micromax's AISHA vs iOS Siri

Though I know that very few people (except those from India) know about the Micromax A50,still I am gonna do a review between the Iphone 4s and the A50.

Seriously?Am I this mad?Of course not!I am only gonna do a review between Siri(Artificial Voice assistant on Iphone) and AISHA (Micromax's very own Voice assistant).I know most of you are thinking that AISHA is  simply no match to Siri.But you are wrong .Check out the review below to find out .
Micromax A50
According to the company Press release ,AISHA is an application which is capable of translating human speech into actions.With simple voice commands the user will be able to connect with the people,businesses and activities.For example if the user needs to know the weather Conditions he just need to say "What is the weather in Delhi" to phone, and the phone will reply with "The weather will be sunny". On a whole the AISHA is basically a Artificial Intelligence Speech Handset Assistant.

Below is Comparison between SIRI and AISHA from thinkDigit website.Read it and Decide which is better :
1)What is the capital of India?
   Aisha: Got it right as Delhi
   Siri: Couldn’t understand the question

2)What is the diameter of the Earth?
  Aisha: Got it right
  Siri: Didn’t understand the question

3)Do you love me?
   Aisha: Gave a very philosophical answer
   Siri: Followed suit

4)Best coffee shop in Kolkata?
   Aisha: Opened Google maps which is nice
   Siri: Can only identify locations in the US which was a letdown

5)What is the meaning of life?
   Aisha: Gave a very philosophical answer
   Siri: Gave a very philosophical answer

6)Best smartphone in the world?
   Aisha: Surprisingly, Aisha thinks that the iPhone is the best smartphone in the world. Is there a an     affair going on between the two !?
   Siri: Could not answer the question

7)When will I die?
   Aisha: Witty answers!
   Siri: I can Google that for you!

8)How old are you?
   Aisha: Old enough to drink!
   Siri: Offered to search the web.

9)Highest mountain in the world?
   Aisha: Mount Everest. Correct!
   Siri: Didn’t understand the question.

10)Where is the Taj Mahal in India?
    Aisha: Didn’t understand the question
    Siri: Didn’t understand the question

Here is the youtube link AISHA Vs Siri
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