iPhone5: A Bust?

The long awaited iPhone5 was keynoted on September 12, 2012 in San Francisco. Although, from all the rumors and buzzes going on in the internet, I still had an open mind and had high expectations for the iPhone5. However, it seems like the internet buzzes and rumors were for the most part true, which kind of killed it for me.

I personally feel like the iPhone5 was a bust. Nothing major have been changed from the phone, they only added 0.5inches.

Final Specs of the iPhone5:

-16, 32, 64GB Space
-A6 Chip
-4.0 inch screen
-8megapixel camera
- did not mention processor speed

If you compare the iPhone5 to phones such as the Galaxy S3 or soon to come Galaxy Note II, the iPhone5 is not necessarily a mindblower. 
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