Nexus 7 Tips And Tricks(First Episode)

The Nexus 7 is a great tablet and here a few tips and tricks to help you get the most out of it

 Secure your tablet                                                                                                                 Like a phone, your tablet is going to have a lot of personal information synced to it including your calendar, email, contacts, and search history. It’s probably a good idea that you set up some manner of security option to keep unauthorized users out. In the main system settings, head into the security section, and change screen lock from slide, to something like pattern, PIN, or Face.Pattern is an Android mainstay. You just draw a user-set pattern using a grid of nine dots as markers to unlock the device. PIN asks you to type in a numerical code to unlock, and face unlock uses the front-facing camera to recognise you and unlock the device.Face unlock on Ice Cream Sandwich was quite insecure. A picture of the owner held up could fool it. In Jelly Bean, you can enable a so-called “liveness check.” With this enabled, the tablet won’t unlock until the person it’s looking at blinks, thus proving it’s really you and not a snapshot.However don't this unless you are absolutely certain about it. 

      Screen Rotation
       You Nexus 7,as you may have already noticed ,ships with auto rotation locked.
When you pull down the notification shade, there are a few buttons at the very top. One is for system settings, and the other is the orientation lock (it looks like a tablet with small arrows around it). Tap it and your device can rotate to landscape in apps. This is especially useful in apps that take advantage of the fragments API to create multiple panes of content when held in landscape.

Cache Your Maps

The Google Maps experience,as usual,on the Nexus 7 is awesome; however, you still have that issues of not having a mobile data connection. Even when Wi-Fi is not present, you can achieve some functionality out of Maps by caching your local area. In the Maps app, hit the menu button in the upper right corner. Tap “Make available offline” and select the area you want to save as denoted by the square borders. Use pinch-zooming to determine how wide of an area you want, and pan by tapping and dragging. Tap Done at the top when you’re satisfied.

A panel will open on the left to show you the download progress. You won’t be able to search through all that neat local stuff from the offline cache, but you can still use the map itself, along with GPS for your location.

I will be posting the other tips soon.Besides,if you people have any tips please let me know.

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