Apple Iphone 5 Twice As Fast as Iphone 4s-Geekbench

Apple had already declared during the launch of the new Iphone 5,that this phone is almost twice as fast as the Iphone 4s.Since the Iphone 5 has 1 GHz ARM V7 processor(not quad core),at first I was a little bit suspicious .However after seeing the Geekbench scores I was really surprised.It scored almost twice as high as the Ipad and almost two and a half times more than the Iphone 4s.Geekbench is a multi-platform scalable benchmark that tests only processing and memory performance. It does not evaluate graphics performance, something that distinguishes the iPad and iPhone 5 from each other and their predecessors.
The iPhone 5 also fared well against its primary Android competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S3, which scored 1628 on the Geekbench test. The roughly 1.5 percent advantage for the Galaxy S3 is notably small, considering that the Android phone has a quad core processor compared to the iPhone’s custom-designed dual-core chip.
Of note, the iPhone 5’s 1601 Geekbench score is higher than a June 2004 Power Mac (with a score of 1580), early 2006 Mac Mini (1398), iMac G5 (1179) and many other Macs that were considered computational powerhouses just a few years ago.

So,all in all,Apple has really done a nice job on the Iphone 5.

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