Android Jellybean Vs iOS 6-Web Browser

Web Browser

                       Both the browsers (mobile safari for iOS & Chrome for jellybean)<chrome is jellybean's default browser> are extremely capable web browsers.Well in jellybean you no longer have flash so it is equal since safari also doesn't support flash. And also since the Iphone 5 has a 4 inch screen so users can no longer complain about the small screen size.

One thing I must appreciate about Apple is that they have done a great job on the Iphone 5 browser.It was able to load webpage faster than the galaxy s III which has a quad core processor compared to Iphone 5's dual core processor.So definitely the Safari Browser is hastier.

Though scrolling is a little bit slower on the iOS it clears up faster .The Chrome browser responds better. The overall experience ,according to me,is better on iOS.
Winner - iOS 6

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