Age of Hip Hop Headphones

Dr. Dre when he released out his audio headphones, it was a very big hit. Not only is Dr. Dre a big hip hop rap mogul, but due to his headphones he has become more famous and also racking up a lot of money. You can see middle school students sporting them to other A-list celebrities sporting Beats headphones. However, Dr. Dre is not the only one in the headphones game, Ludacris and 50cent have been coming out with a production line of their own. I have seen Ludacris’s headphones before, but I was unaware of 50cent’s headphones until IFA 2012 at Berlin. However, 50cent’s headphones really caught my eye. He had a wide range of headphones and their designs were quite impressive. However, I haven’t personally heard the sound quality of the product, I have very high hopes for these headphones especially with the prices ranging from $119.95-$399.95.
Curtis Jackson (aka 50cent) has a wider range of headphones compared to Dr. Dre’s Beats Headphones. He has one of the features that I was desperately looking for in headphones, but never really came across. SMS Audio (production name for 50cent’s headphones) has wireless headphones! 

I have also attached a link of the homepage for this website.

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