iPhone 5 Presented to the World!

 Surely you remembered that today is the day when Apple will present their latest generation of the iPhone, the much-awaited iPhone 5. As we reported previously the device was set to be presented today and should be on the market around the September 21st. This still isn't 100% official but we should hear the new from Apple soon enough.

Today, on September the 12th, in the "big apple" (NYC) the new iPhone 5 was presented to the world. The new device is 20% lighter and sports a 4 inch screen as all the display-related rumors suggested. Although the 0.5 perhaps don't mean a lot of to many people this is certainly a historical moment, at least for the company, as this is the first time that the iPhone stepped away from the original designs of Steve Jobs. 

iphone 5 release date
Phil Schiler talks about the new iPhone 5

 Apple also claims that the processor is twice as fast due to their new A6 chip. The device also finally has a 4G-LTE network connection which allows for networking speeds that are ten times as fast a 3G. Among others, the supported networks will include Verizon, Spring and AT&T, which will be the major iPhone 5 carriers.

 A new feature for the iPhone 5 is the improved "iSight camera" which allows beautiful panoramic shots as well as better pictures in low light conditions. We cannot say anything more until some of the official specs and news are released but based on what I've seen on the live-stream of the event you can be sure that there are quite a few interesting new features awaiting the iPhone fans.

 The device is expected to be released on the market for $199 with a two-year contract on September the 21st. This will influence the iOS ecosystem as the iPhone 4S will get a price drop of $100 meaning that it will cost $99 with a two-year contract while the older iPhone 4 will be a free option with a two-year contract. Not a bad deal for those who do not want the latest in technology but still want the branded quality that Apple provides!
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