Nokia Has A Solution To Apple Maps

Apple declared that it would drop Google Maps ,instead it would be starting its own new maps app.However,this decision by apple may not be the right one as just after its launch a lot of complaints have flooded in ,including odd rendering of maps,out of date maps,as well as some locations being simply wrong.(the German city of Berlin being relocated to Antartica is one notable example.)

Nokia took a swing at Apple's photorealistic maps, saying that "pretty" doesn't cut it for the "must have" mapping experience, and adding the mapping for its own flagship device, the forthcoming Lumia 920, will be the only service that truly functions offline. Samsung's, which uses Google Maps, does partially via caching, while the iPhone 5 needs a connection. 

                                      Nokia sent out some tweets to let the world know that "Nokia Maps is award winning. There is no need to be stuck with another mapping service on your smartphone." Another tweet quoted a review of Nokia Maps in Forbes which said, "Unlike Google and Apple maps, Nokia Maps put customers at ease instead of causing anxiety."
If you go ahead and try Nokia Maps, remember that it is not an app that you can install, but is a mobile site on the internet. Just direct your mobile Safari browser to

Nokia Maps in Safari
Everyone is aware of the fact that Nokia Maps are on of the best available on a smartphone.So using their main strength to steal a few iOS users may not be a bad choice,what do you people say?

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  1. This is great work from Nokia. However, the app should be able/allowed to install in cell phones which will make even more user friendly.
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