Android JellyBean 4.1 Vs iOS 6-User Interface

User Interface


Well,most of you people are aware of the main difference between Android and iOS -customization vs ease of use.Well,first of all,when you turn your phone on you go to the lockscreen.Well the lockscreens in both the platforms are very different.In Iphone you get the typical Slide to unlock lockscreen,whereas in case of android jellybean you will be confronted with the drag to unlock lockscreen.However.there is one major difference -in case of iOS you are restricted to the Slide to unlock feature whereas in android you will get a whole bunch of third party lockscreens that you can install,thus enhancing your experience.
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User Interface

Well after the lockscreen comes the user interface.In iOS 6 you are once again presented with the plain icons.In case of android once again it is all about customization.One thing that I noticed is that folders open faster in jellybean than iOS ,maybe because of project butter.

Notification Area

Well in this case it is almost a tie only a slight edge to android because of more allowance of choices in this area.

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