Boost Android Performance

Android is the one of the best operating systems for smartphones nowadays. What it is about is how if you’ve been using your Android all happy go lucky and now feel that it has started to drain out a bit in terms of performance, there are some ways that you can bring it back to its new day glory and have the old efficiency you loved back.

What happens sometimes is that we end up piling up apps, being careless with security, fall behind updates and just pretty much assume that the Android will take care of its self. Unfortunately there is no magic app for maintenance. So here is the manual way to go about it.

Always Keep Your Apps Up to Date

One of the attractions of Android is of course Android Market but don't that suppose that there aren't glitches in the Market here and there.One thing you should always remember that whenever your apps are not update for a long period of time you always run the risk of
infecting your apps and thus your phone with virus. Moreover,your phone will also slow down.So make sure you get the latest updates to ensure that it isn't an app that’s slowing down your Android. 

Install Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware

This one is really important.With your Android phone you will be constantly checking your mail,opening the net,downloading various games and apps.All these can sometimes lead to entry of viruses, Trojans or Malware into your precious phone.So,the first thing you should do after buying an android hone is installing antimalware and a good antivirus.I myself use netqin antivirus and I would suggest you people to do so as well.You can also find various other security apps at this link security apps

Kill Unnecessary Apps Using Task Manager

Android’s capability to multitask across several applications is great, but you don’t need the YouTube app wasting battery life and memory resources when running in the background.Also,some services like Twitter,Facebook, Weather Apps and spying apps are always downloading data.It’s best to completely close apps with the Advanced Task Killer app (free). Unlike Android’s built-in app shutdown, this download shows a single list of each running app on your device and lets you select the ones you’d like to turn off.

Defrag Your Android Phone's Memory

Just like a PC, your Android phone’s internal RAM gets a performance boost after undergoing defragmentation. A free app called Memory Booster ($2.99 for the full version) in the Android Market not only defrags your phone’s random-access memory, it also repairs data leaks from damaged apps. You can only run a memory boost every 10 minutes, but if you want to keep track of just how much RAM you retrieve each boost, set the app to send a notification when new adjustments are complete.
For a truly superlative uptick in performance, set the Boost Level to Ultimate (available in paid version only).
  • Launch the app.
  • Tap the menu button.
  • Choose Ultimate Boost.
  • Select Boost Level Manager.
By default, Memory Booster runs a system check on Startup, but in the paid version of the app, you can also set it to run a performance-enhancing check-up when the device locks. Check out Memory Booster in the Android Market.
  • Launch the app.
  • Tap the menu button.
  • Select “Boost at device lock.”

Use Power Boosting Apps

Another way in which you can increase your smartphone's performance is by using different 
apps available in the android market.Android Assistant & 1 Tap Cleaner are just to name a few.These apps perform functions such as History cleaning, cache cleaning, and increase boot time. These apps also assist in improving battery life so your Android functions better and longer both.

Use Gooogle Services Appropriately

An Android device automatically includes access to Google services including Books, Contacts, Currents, Gmail and Google+. If you don’t need these services, turn them off and save your wireless radio the trouble of downloading more data (pictured below).
1) Open the Settings app on your phone.
2)Delete the Google services you do not want synced.
3)Click Accounts and select the appropriate service.

Do you guys have any other tips?Feel free to comment!
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