LG Optimus G

With Samsung and Apple introducing new phones, it would be weird for LG to not be introducing phone devices of their own. Weeks of rumors about the LG Optimus G have been floating around, but it has been officially released. To be honest with you, although LG has not been power hitters for their phones, LG definitely overtook the iPhone5 as far as performance goes. 

Specs of the LG Optimus G: 
-13megapixel camera
-S4 quad core processor
-both NFC and LTE compatible 
-4.7 WXGA screen
-1.3megapixel front camera
-2,100mAh battery 
-2GB ram
-32GB of storage (kind of wished it had 64GB) 

Some extra features about this phone:
1) Q Slide Function: Basically the ability to show two different screens at the same time.

2) Live Zooming: you are able to zoom into videos 5 times 

3) Quick Memo: draw or write memos directly onto a notepad or a an attachment as well as a URL link.

4) Screen Zooming: you can zoom in or out of music, text messages, and photos.

5) Icon Personalizer: just the way it sounds, it gives you the ability to customize and edit your own icons.

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