Android jellybean 4.1 Vs iOS 6-Sync

Well,both the platforms iOS 6 & jellybean offer syncing of data. Both the platforms will back up your data and sync it across the cloud for you.Android users had this option first, but iCloud brought most of the same functions (and a few new ones) to Apple devices. Either way, syncing or backing up your entire phone is a cinch.

There's a catch though. (Are you detecting a pattern here?) They'll only sync with their own services.

Well, that's not 100% true: they just don't quite handle each other's cloud services properly. Sure, iCal syncs with Google Calendar; but gmail users prefer Sparrow to Mail for a reason.

However I will give a very slight edge to iCloud just because it is easier to use.
So the winner of this round is:iOS 6
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