Motorola RAZR i Defeats Galaxy S III

Recently,Motorola released the RAZR i,a single core android phone which has a Intel processor running in its heart.But don't get fooled by the single core processor.I know that many of you must be thinking that a single core processor can never compete with a dual core processor,let alone the quad core ones.And that is where you are completely wrong.Cause this is no ordinary chip.It is made by Intel,and is the first processor to run at 2 GHz on a mobile device .That clock speed is the key to the RAZR i's responsiveness and smooth UI.
I know that there is a common belief that bigger is better.But not always.The RAZR i completely blew the Galaxy S II away in terms of multitasking.Check out this video,if you don't believe me.

So,I just want to make one thing clear.Don't simply buy a phone only because it has a quad-core processor.
At the end,it is not the number of cores that matters but how they perform in real life that matters and in terms of that Motorola has a clear winner in the RAZR i.

Hello Moto

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