Twist Pilot Game Review

Twist Pilot,from Zynga is a puzzle game for Android & iOS users.The hero of this game is Phil & the main aim is to control Phil through a maze,simultaneously collecting rings & saving from spiders.

Twist Pilot
Release Date
October 2012
October 2012

Phil is a sort of weirdly shaped snake(more like a rubber band),who also constantly rotates.

Though the game sounds easy,it is not so partly because Phil is rotating.Timing is crucial in this game .Well,the actual tricky part comes now.If you touch something that is not a ring or a key you lose health. Lose enough health and the game is over and you have to start the level all over again. Thankfully, your health regenerates and in particularly challenging levels you will also find health boosts but that doesn’t mean you can carelessly lose your health. Losing health also comes with a 1.5 second time penalty, which affects your final time.
You have power-ups scattered throughout the levels to help you through. Some of them make Phil smaller so he can squeeze through tight spaces. Some make him longer, which honestly only makes things more difficult. Some slow him down, some increase his rate of rotation and some make him spin the other way. The effects of these power-ups are temporary so you need to do whatever you have to do quickly once you use them. The power-ups are optional and you can only use them if you want to although at times they are necessary.
The initial levels in the game are fairly simple. You will be navigating through uncomplicated mazes and not have much in terms of enemies to worry about. The later levels wind up the difficulty level considerably and make you crawl through some tight spaces while throwing a ton of spiders in for good measure. The target time also drops from comfortably high to uncomfortably close and you may find yourself replaying levels if you dawdle around or take too much damage repeatedly.

I myself didnt believe this but the game is quite fun actually.This game is more for kids though.The graphical department needed a bit of improvement.But for $ .99 I think it is th worth giving the game a try.
What do you people say?Do you like it or hate it?Please comment below.ease
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