No Multi-User Support In Android 4.2 Phones

   As I have already said in my article about the new features of Android 4.2 one of the best features by far is the ability to have multiple user accounts.I was really waiting for this. Tablets are now becoming the new “home PC” and these get shared all the time. If your older kids are going on a trip, it’s always great to lend them your top-notch Android smartphone for them to use features like navigation and others. Sadly, Android 4.2 only provides multiple-user support for tablets even if the functionality is built-in to smartphones as well.
It’s still unclear as to why that is, but some area already speculating that Nokia is to blame.Nokia filed a patent in 2005 where they make this feature an exclusive Nokia service, though I can't remember they ever launched a device with this feature working.

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