Why Nexus Devices Don't Support MicroSD Card

Matias Duarte,director of Android operating system User Experience at Google explains why Nexus devices have no SD card,though many people may not be satisfiedwith that answer. As Duarte explains, “We take a different approach. Your Nexus has a fixed amount of space and your apps just seamlessly use it for you without you ever having to worry about files or volumes or any of that techno nonsense left over from the old era of computing.”

Thus, Nexus devices don’t have MicroSD card slots. They are simply too old for the technoworrlld  technoworld and apparently they confuse people. Many people probably wouldn’t mind this if there were better storage options.

While the Galaxy Nexus had 32GB of storage, the LG Nexus 4 has been reported as only having 8GB and 16GB offerings. It’s disappointing that Google believes everyone would be happy with only 8GB or 16GB of space with no room for expansion. Many people use much more than 16GB of space.

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