Windows RT Almost Identical To Windows 8

The Microsoft Surface  Windows RT has already started shipping out and, reports are generating a lot of controversy related to Windows RT and its capabilities. Furthermore, there also happens to be a lot of confusion regarding Windows RT and Windows 8.
        Regardless, the folks at PhoneArena apparently went down to a to check the tablets out and one rep there was trying to reportedly convince them that “Windows RT is nearly identical to Windows 8″. While this might be the case at a first, layman look at the tiles on the Home screen, it definitely is not when it comes down to the operating system itself.
                  Windows 8 can run all of  applications out there. Windows RT on the other hand can only run the pre-installed apps plus those available in the Windows Store. That’s a major difference,right? Whether the store rep was also confused about this or this is what Microsoft is using in order to drive sales is yet unknown.
Windows Surface RT
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