Galaxy Note II Top Features

                The Note II ,the successor of the successful Note is a giant .Its screen size is 5.5 inches and the S pen really makes it unique.Here are the top features of the Note II.



Samsung loves taking gambles,and that is why it introduced the S Pen,thus bringing back the long forgotten stylus.The pop-up S Note function is quite useful
            The execution is pretty simple: if you’re out on the town and someone wants to give you the name of a local bar, or a phone number, or an address, or anything you need to jot down in a hurry, the Galaxy Note II is always there. Pop out the device’s S Pen, press the button on its side, and give the screen a double-tap with the tip of the pen. No matter what app you’re in, a popover window containing a miniaturized version of S Note will appear, allowing you to jot down the salient bits of info that might otherwise have been lost to the haze of the night. Too bleary-eyed to write well? The eraser function is carried over from the full-size version of the app, as is the text-recognition option. When your note is complete, tap the check mark to save it and dismiss the pop up … or hit “x” to delete the memo once you realize that whatever this person is saying isn’t that critical after all.

2.Powerful Multitasking


                            The Note II is not only big in size,it packs 2 GB Ram as well.Surfing the feed in Twitter and come across a link that’s begging for a click? On any other smartphone, clicking on that glowing string of blue temptation clumsily dumps you out of the Twitter app and into your device’s browser, requiring you to sit there and watch as the phone loads the page. Not so on the Galaxy Note II, whose big display and powerful hardware offer enough canvas and horsepower to whip up a miniature browser in a pop-up window. Keep on scrolling and clicking away in your Twitter stream or Facebook feed while the page loads; when it’s there, read what you came for, then click the X to send Pop Up Browser on its merry way. Or, maximize the window (this requires a page reload) to see your webpage in full size.

                   If you are a power user, needing simultaneous use of more than just a browser and another app, Multi Screen is your solution. It allows a handful of apps -even select third-party apps like Facebook and Twitter- to run side-by-side on the Galaxy Note II’s display, both of them in focus at the same time. This eliminates the need to, say, hop back and forth between Email and Maps looking up an address your boss sent you; Multi Screen allows both apps to run simultaneously.

3.Hovering Action

 Bringing the S Pen close enough to the Galaxy Note II’s screen results in the software projecting a cursor onto the display at the location of the S Pen’s nib. This cursor can be used much like a mouse cursor on a desktop computer, to bring up preview windows on a video scrubber, activate drop-down menus on websites without clicking the underlying link, or open preview panes in apps like the Calendar and Gallery. The end result is a relationship with the interface that feels more like a full desktop experience than any other smartphone can offer. 

              So there you have it,these are according to me the best features of the Note II.If you want t add more,please comment below.
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