How To Get My Website Approved By Adsense

AdSense is the best and most used revenue generation program for small to large publishers.There are very few other services which can offer you the possibility to make money by blogging or operating a website, the way AdSense can give you(though bloggers will be remved from Adsense in December). However AdSense and subsequently Google is famous for its strict policies that govern AdSense program.
Get AdSense approved - tips for getting and Ad Sense approved publisher account. 

 Here are a few tips which will help your website to get approved by Adsense

1.Write proper content 

             Content is the key to popularity.and don't deviate from your main topic.I have seen many bloggers getting deviated.Do not believe that you will write anything and Google will approve you. You must select a proper primary topic that is targeted for general audience.Plus, Google will never approve pornographic websites.

2.Choosing the proper language

              Make sure that the language that you write your blog in is supported by Google .


         Social media plays very important role nowadays. You should promote your website on social media a bit before applying for AdSense.

 4.Ask an experienced blogger to review your blog or website before applying.

                 You can ask an experienced blogger to review your blog or website before submitting for AdSense approval.

5.Read Adsense policies carefully

             This is by far the most important step I consider for getting approved by AdSense. You have to be very clear with Google AdSense program policies.

6.Reapply after correcting the mistakes

              Remember if your account is disapproved by Google twice then it might permanently disapprove you account.You don't want that right?So,while reapplying make sure that you have completely eliminated the issue specified by AdSense for disapproval earlier.

               Finally I would like to say that  AdSense does not need you to do something impossible to get approved, you just have to do some simple things for some time and you can get approved. You should not try doing something silly in anticipation of getting AdSense approved. There is no secret formula or method of getting approved by AdSense.

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