Top 10 Apps For Windows 8

I hope you already know that  Windows RT is not the full Windows 8. It won’t run Photoshop, Dreamweaver, or other Windows program you install in it. Except for Microsoft’s Office package which is pre-loaded
Windows RT: the essential apps
Knowing this alone will save you plenty of confusion. But still this won’t answer the burning question: what apps does Windows RT have then, and which ones should I install right after getting it?

There is no universal recipe, but I think there are  10 apps that should come handy for pretty much everyone out there. You might still feel like you are in a ghost town in the Windows Store after you download them, but at least one thing is clear - this time around, unlike with Windows Phone, developers will just have to start cranking up apps soon. We just see no way all those tablets, laptops and desktops would be left without their attention. So just give it some time.

1.Metro Commander


           Windows 8/RTdoes not have a dedicated file manager, and that seems like a glaring omission for those who like simple easy drag and drop action. Metro Commander delivers just that, in the Modern UI design style.


    If you are searching for an alternate browser,then Firefox is there.Its final version is still not available though.



Skype functionality is built in all across the operating system, and that’s why there is no good excuse for not having the application running on Windows RT.


Netflix is what you’d expect it to be - streaming your movies on your Windows RT device instantly. 



Cloud-synced app Evernote is probably the best way to stay organized, jot down notes and quickly take a look at what you shouldn’t forget, and it’s on Windows RT as well.


                   Feeling nostalgic?Missing those old games of windows?Well, don't worry Minesweeper is here.

7.Tunein Radio


If you want Internet radio from all across the globe and not just music, TuneIn radio, the app that has already become very popular on other platforms, is there to fit your needs on the Windows store.

8.SketchBook Express


Like to sketch?Haven't got the Note II ?The SketchBook app is a perfect tool , with plenty of options to fine tune your drawings.



One of the  most popular blog platforms has alsogot its dedicated app for Windows RT.

10.Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope is one of the most interesting games available in the store now.

                     So do you like the collection?Wanna add more?Please comment below.

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