NFC Sharing Between Android And Windows Phone

Well good news for both Android as well as Windows Phone users.Well,it seems that it is possible to send things like contacts and web page URLs through NFC  between an Android device and a Windows Phone 8 device.In tests between a HTC Windows Phone 8X and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean it has been shown that URLs and contacts can be sent between the devices, in both directions. However, using NFC on Android is a little simpler and requires less taps than on Windows Phone 8.

                             It has been a long time since Android supported near field communication (NFC) but it has recently been ported to Windows Phone 8. The new mobile OS from Microsoft has a feature called “Tap + Send” which is available under the “More …” -> Share menu.

Don't get so excited,though.There is a limit on what can be sent between platforms. Using two devices with the same OS it is possible to share photos and videos between phones. But across the Windows – Android divide you get an error saying that large file transfers aren’t supported.

               Although this is all very good news for consumers, its bad news that photos & videos can't be sent.
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  2. This weakness is ridiculous. NFC was a "must" for large files as video sharing between friends. I am shocked when I saw I can't transfer even photos from my Lumia 925 to Android.

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