Nokia Music Gets Minor Update

 Today an update is heading out for Nokia Music which is their free to listen music service.The release notes for version 3.5 are scant

Here is the marketplace feature list:

1.Download all types of mixes to listen to offline
2.'pin to start' any mix, so you can quickly play your favourites
3.See what mixes and songs you've previously listened to by tapping 'recent mixes'
4.Search for gigs by artist, venue and city
5.Share details of the song you are playing to social networks, via email and messaging
6.Fixed disappearing menu options
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Owl City Image Gallery - Nokia Music 3.5
                This is actually  a very minor update, certainly enough so that any real changes can be determined. If you have a Nokia smartphone then you should check out this app, its listed in the Nokia section of the marketplace. If you already have the app installed then clicking on the marketplace link below will trigger the app to show as an update you can then click on.

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